Xoopar PowerCard: The Slimmest Powerbank Ever

Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr are always looking for products and gadgets that we think our readers would love. This week we have come across one of the slimmest powerbanks on the market, it is literally the same depth as a USB connector is. This is so slim and such good value at $24.99 there is no reason every guy shouldn’t own one and take one out every time they leave the house.

Xoopar (pronounced Zoo-par), a global mobile accessories brand has just released one of the slimmest powerbanks on the market. It is ultra-slim, fashionable and provides a quick charge for any smartphone or handheld device. Xoopar’s unique powerbank offers a solution for anyone seeking a convenient charge, combining extreme portability, useful features and bright, fun color schemes to create a compact.

The slim powerbank line features sturdy, aluminum construction and is available in six stylish colors

Portability and Features

As one of the slimmest powerbanks available, Xoopar’s PowerCard takes portability to new bounds, with a sleek five-millimeter-thick design, while also boasting a 1,300 mAh storage capacity. A 1.3A output ensures quick and easy charging on the go from an expandable USB port that collapses for easy storage in a wallet or purse. Xoopar makes it easy for users to check their PowerCard’s battery life with a combination LED light button indicating full charge (Green), 50% battery level (Blue) or 25% battery and lower (Red). Xoopar’s PowerCard also features pass through charging, allowing a mobile device and the PowCard to be charged simultaneously. Each PowerCard can be charged through any USB-port via a built-in micro-USB charging connection.


The powerbank is available in six eclectic colors with a brushed aluminum finish, offering a classy, yet sturdy design. A black protective pouch is also included with every PowerCard, for safe storage and professional aesthetic. The colors are also great for everyone and definitely unisex.

Each PowerCard comes with a USB to micro-USB charging cable and is available in Black, Silver, Pink, Orange, Mint and Lime at for $24.99.Overall this is a great product and the best we have seen for day to day use, so much so we will be carrying this around with us wherever we go.

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