Top Anniversary Adventures to Surprise Your Partner

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Your first month anniversary, first-year anniversary, tenth anniversary – it honestly does not matter how young or old you are. Celebrating your time together as a couple is a great thing to do and is always undeniably romantic. Make a big deal out of every anniversary that comes your way. Go all out. Forgetting this date or letting is fizzle is not going to keep that spark of romance alive, so mark your calendar and go on any of these great anniversary adventures with your partner:

A Surprise Road Trip

A great way to plan a surprise anniversary trip while still giving your partner control to customize it as they wish is with a road trip. All you necessarily need to do is look up cheap RV rentals and book it for a week. You can then surprise your special someone and plan out the route and what you want to see together. It’s a romantic retreat on wheels.

A Surprise City Break

Living in the city can be hectic, so take a break from it during your anniversary and enjoy a city break. Two of the most popular breaks include:

Rent a Cabin

A cabin or vacation home is the perfect city break because it allows the two of you to just focus on each other.

Book a Spa Vacation

If you want to relax, of course, there are many wellness and spa retreats that offer couples packages and hotel rooms.

Get Outdoors

Being outdoors is proven to be excellent for our wellbeing. You get exercise, fresh air, and can see some beautiful landscapes. You do not need to just opt for what is outside your backyard either, with these top three anniversary activities to choose from:

Hit the Slopes

Breathe in the icy air and hit the slopes either at your local ski hill or one of the many mountainous parks in the USA.

Enjoy the Beaches

Alternatively, head to a beach to enjoy a beautiful day relaxing by the water. Bring a picnic, lots of water, and consider enjoying an activity like snorkeling over a reef together.

Explore a Romantic City

Go and explore another city but remember to book enough time off to explore it. Heading to New York City for the weekend, for example, will only make you feel like you need to be out every second of the day to make it worthwhile. By planning for a more extended stay, you can enjoy long dinners, slow walks, and generally just each other.

Go for a Hike

Finally, just head out for a hike. Choose an option that offers a great view and bring a romantic picnic. During the week, most walks are relatively deserted, so you should have a secluded retreat to yourselves.

Travel for an Event

If you both share a passion, for example, music, then an event is the perfect adventure to surprise your partner, especially if it is a big event like a festival.

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