Top 4 Unique Bars Every Guy Should Visit While in Las Vegas

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When it comes to unique once-in-a-lifetime experiences, there’s no better place to explore than beautiful Las Vegas. In a town full of choices it can sometimes feel overwhelming to make a decision about what to spend your time doing in Sin City. With that in mind, we’ve carefully crafted a list of the top four bars you should stop by for a drink (or two) while visiting the entertainment capital of the world.

Frankie’s Tiki Room

Open 24 hours a day, this unique hot spot sets the tone for our list with its fantastical style and lively atmosphere. As its name implies, this Hawaiian-themed establishment is a feast for all the senses. With their vibrant décor and robust rum-infused drink options they supply thirsty visitors, Frankie’s Tiki Room is the place to be while traversing the Las Vegas Strip. As is the case in many Vegas establishments, drinking and gambling go hand in hand. Sip a Lava Letch or a Bearded Clam as you try your poker hand against the house in this exotic taproom.

Millennium Fandom Bar

If you find yourself in the fabulous city of Las Vegas because of a convention or cosplay event, Millennium Fandom is the place for you. This establishment is a safe haven for the fan bases that shape our lives. From Star Wars to Anime and everything in between, this speakeasy is the place that welcomes you with a ‘come as you are’ mantra. Whether you arrive in full costume or choose the more subtle approach, all fandoms are welcome – and celebrated. Enjoy carefully thought-out specialty drinks and food items while meeting new friends that share your same interest. We promise it’s out of this world!

Minus 5 Ice Bar

If you’re looking to take a break from the oft-sweltering heat of the Las Vegas Strip then Minus 5 Bar is the perfect spot to cool your jets. A constant 23-degree godsend, Minus 5 Ice Bar allows visitors the unique opportunity to explore intricate handcrafted sculptures and architecture made completely out of ice. Enjoy nearly-frozen specialty drinks while also being able to see your breath! While this experience isn’t unique to Las Vegas alone, it is definitely the only ice bar erected in the middle of a desert! Don’t miss out on this freezing form of fun located inside the Mandalay Bay Resort.

Gold Spike

For those seasoned drinkers who enjoy the accompaniment of fine games and childlike wonderment with their beverages, Gold Spike is the perfect place to choose. Specifically themed to get the attention of the young-at-heart, Gold Spike offers a unique atmosphere reminiscent of everyone’s favorite youthful pastime: summer camp. While most summer camps didn’t offer a beverage-package along with swim lessons, Gold Spike welcomes the pairing. In addition to the typical bar games like pool and darts, this establishment offers a wider variety that might surprise you. Board games, bean bag tosses and giant Jenga game pieces make up just a few of the options available to you to enjoy while sipping an ice cold beer. There’s no place like it!

Whether you’re looking to relax on chilly chairs in a 23-degree oasis or lounge in comfy recliners while downing a beer with your buds, there’s no better place to explore the intricacies of local food and libations than Las Vegas. While most things that happen in Vegas must unfortunately stay in Vegas, the locations on this list are a secret worth sharing.

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