The 5 Skincare Products that Every Man Needs 

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With the world of skincare rapidly growing, and with it the awareness that men require

equally great skincare product solutions, there are currently dozens of products out there. We’re pretty sure that you’ve found yourself standing in front of the men skincare aisle, wondering which of the dozens of products you should choose for your skin. However, there are very few brands out there that truly understand what men want and need. So, while we’re on that topic, let’s get down and discuss some of the main reasons men need their very own products, designed especially for their skin.

How Men’s Skin is Different than Women’s

Let’s begin with the very basics, as you’re well aware, men’s skin is naturally hairier than women’s. That means that men are more prone to suffer from outbreaks, ingrown hairs and even inflammation. Plus, you might have the occasional skin infection, and coarse and at times even oily skin. That last reason usually leads to clogged pores, causing increased sebum production. Constant shaving doesn’t help either, and can induce anything from a “razor rash”, through repeated nicks and bruises and all the way to a change of the skin’s texture (which is 20% thicker than women’s to begin with).

So, What is the Answer? Particle For Men 

The answer is simple yet extremely elegant; skincare designed for men. Products that combine grade-A technology, with existing science and natural ingredients. All refined into creating skincare solutions that actually understand and suit your skin. This is exactly what Particle Aesthetic Science for Men is all about. Particle offers 5 main skincare solutions for men, all produced using cutting-edge science, and nourishing substances that complement men’s skin.

Particle’s Magic 5 Products for Men – The Whole Package

Whether you have a steady skincare routine or not, the basic product every man needs is a suitable face-cream. Nowadays, there are creams for every part of your face, eyes cream, neck cream, night cream and even cream that’s for daytime use. With all those options, you are bound to lose track and eventually neglect your skincare routine. However, to make things more user-friendly and appropriate for a day-to-day use, Particle’s Face Cream is a 6-in-1 product that moisturizes, smoothes, rejuvenates, nourishes, brightens and soothes your facial skin.

But that is just the most basic option Particle has for you. So, after you’ve moisturized and cleaned your skin, you have some other options to take your skincare routine to the next level. For instance, one of the innovative solutions Particle has created is a face wash cleanser that is meant to remove all the dirt and grime that men’s skin can accumulate. All the more since men’s pores are larger and more prone to become clogged and break out. But if you do actually experience the additional skin blemish or impurity, Particle has a solution for that too; a face mask specifically for men. What makes it extra unique is that it’s enriched with Dead Sea minerals, which are renowned for their healing qualities.

Recently, however, Particle has decided to expand its line of products and offer solutions for more than just men’s facial skin; extending to a shampoo engineered for men and a body wash. The first is meant to address one of the most prominent issues men face: hair loss. Very much like the previous facial skin products, this hair shampoo was formulated for the sole purpose of addressing men. As was the body wash that helps cleansing your skin while you enjoy a pampering shower.

Invest in Your Skin

Did you know your skin is the biggest organ in your body? Plus, it’s the exterior layer your body uses to protect itself, absorbing and shielding from any harm. That’s why (along with the reason that it’s simply the healthier choice) that you should join the male skincare revolution. And while you’re at it, make sure you choose the full package that Particle has to offer.


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