Super Bowl 2020 Betting Recap

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Super Bowl LIV is all done! The Kansas City Chiefs are the champions after a stellar performance by Mahomes in the final quarter. Oh, what a comeback that was! Must’ve been real nerve-wracking for everyone who bet on 49ers, eh?

There were plenty of people who had their money on one of the two Super Bowl LIV contestants or on tons of other Super Bowl wagers, some of which didn’t have a lot to do with the actual game.

Betting on football is back on track popularity-wise, and the latest Super Bowl stats prove that. The stats are showing off superb numbers, indicating the drought is over and that the new sports betting laws in the US really are yielding exceptional results!

Of course, there’s still a lot of work to be done from the legislative side of the deal. Several states still aren’t showing enough interest to pass new gambling laws, despite witnessing success stories from coast to coast. As time goes on, I’m sure sports betting laws will become even more lenient, paving the way for an optimal environment for betting on football to flourish in.

Super Bowl 2020 Betting Stats

Year in and year out, the online gambling industry pays close attention to Super Bowl betting stats. After all, football betting is among the most popular markets in the USA, and it’s only logical considering the massive popularity of the NFL.

This year, driven by the aforementioned sports betting legalization movement, the numbers are finally back on track and promise even greater things to come in the foreseeable future.

More Bettors Than Ever Before

Even though sports betting is legal in just fourteen states, projections suggest three million more Americans wagered on this year’s Super Bowl than last year. On top of that, the American Gambling Association (AGA from now on) estimates that roughly 26 million Americans had their money on Super Bowl wagers.

AGA’s survey revealed that almost four million Americans would place their bets in person, which is a 25% increase over last year. Obviously, these numbers aren’t that surprising considering the states’ efforts to push for bills that end the sports betting and online gambling prohibitions.

Nevada Is Still Going Strong

When it comes to Nevada, a proper gambling powerhouse in the US, the most notable record still remains! In 2018, Nevada had $158.59 million in total sportsbooks wagers. That number was cut down to $145.94 million in 2019, only to jump straight up to $154.68 million in 2020. Even though the record wasn’t broken, it’s in an upward trend and was definitely plagued by other states that finally have a sports betting scene of their own.

2014 was the first year in which Nevada sportsbooks had upwards of $100 million in total wagers. 2013 was close though, lacking slightly more than a million to surpass the magical ninth digit. 2015 Super Bowl saw Patriots bounce back against Seahawks, but the betting numbers failed to reach projections, ending up lower than 2014. Since then, the numbers blew up with 2018 still holding the record. The way the industry’s heading at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a new record set next year!

The House Always Wins

If there’s one thing clear in the world of football betting, it’s that the house always wins. In fact, the same goes for virtually every other type of online gambling, too. You can’t beat the house, at least not in the long run.

Throughout their existence, there have been only two years when bookies produced a net loss during the Super Bowl (back in 1995 and 2008). During Super Bowl 54, bookies had upwards of $18 million profit, which is the second-best profit return ever, second only to 2014’s $19.6 million. The trends are pointing upwards, meaning 2021 could be the record-breaking year not just in terms of overall money wagered in Nevada but sportsbooks’ profits as well.

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