Science Confirms the Obvious: Women Like Guys in Hot Cars

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News flash: it appears that women are more attracted to men in expensive cars. This is the stunning conclusion of perhaps the most unneeded research project to come along in quite awhile. Science has finally confirmed what pretty much every guy already knows.

Psychologists at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff in the UK, showed photos of the same man sitting in two cars: one was a $100,000 silver Bentley Continental and the other was a beat up Ford Fiesta. The women consistently (and unsurprisingly!) preferred the guy in the Bentley to the same guy in the Fiesta.

In another completely un-shocking finding, the same study found that men cared much more about a woman’s looks than what car she drove. According to Dr. Michael Dunn, who headed up the research team, the study confirmed that women judge a man by his wealth and status while men are primarily concerned with what a woman looks like.

In a completely unnecessary follow-up to the study, the researchers will next look at whether middle-aged men in expensive cars seem more attractive to women, despite their age. I can tell you ahead of time: the answer is yes.

What are you waiting for, if you have the financial means and are looking for a new woman then updating your car could be the best thing you do. We are not saying get a Bentley but there are many different cars on the market that look fantastic and will be a sure winner with women. Car prices are coming down all the time and now more than ever you can buy a cheap car including BMW or Mercedes Benz for less than $10,000.

What do you think of this study in the UK? Do you think it would apply to women in the US? We think so except maybe the car would change. We are currently in Arizona and the car of the day is the Dodge Charger, people must love this car.
If you are good-looking then you have nothing to worry about but a better car might improve your chances with the ladies.

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