Review of Sugar Daddy Dating Site: Secret Benefits.

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As a single guy in an online world full of dating sites I thought I had seen it all, but what’s with sugar dating becoming so popular and mainstream, and why is Secret Benefits starting to grab the headlines? I decided it’s time to take a closer look into this world, and find out what makes this site so different from the rest.

First Impressions

“Your Relationship. Your Way. We help men and women find their dream arrangement so they can get what they really want out of their relationships.”  This is what you first see when visiting, so what’s a dream arrangement look like, and what are sugar daddies and sugar babies really wanting to get out of these relationships?


After going a bit deeper down the rabbit hole it appears that it’s really just what you might suspect. A Sugar Daddy is generally in his 40’s-60’s though some may be younger or older, but what they all have in common is a generous nature to share gifts, travel, and financial contributions with their Sugar Baby. She tends to be young, attractive, well mannered, and most importantly, good company. Is intimacy and sex involved? It looks like it may be in some cases, but it’s not the rule, (btw Secret Benefits states on the site that escorts and prostitutes are strictly forbidden from using the site).

Signing up and creating the profile

In a nutshell it feels like signing up for any other dating site. The site does have a clean and modern look, and what I did notice right away is that Secret Benefits has got streamlining the signup process down. It’s straightforward and not as burdensome as so many other dating sites often feel like. Photos loaded super fast, and after a quick profile description and what I’m generally looking for I was off to the races!

Immediately I noticed there was nearly 10,000 sugar babies in my area, so after a lot of narrowing down by choosing personal stat preferences like fit, non smoker, single, no tattoos, among a few other preferences I was down to just over 50 lovely ladies. I was pleasantly surprised with my options, and what I really liked was many of them were verified profiles that apparently the Secret Benefits team takes seriously confirming.

There were lots of attractive, girl next door types, many looked fun and sweet…I honestly thought, man, I could get used to this! What really surprised me was that many were college students and young working professionals. Some were asking for financial help, but many of them just wanted to travel, enjoy a taste of a luxury lifestyle, picking up nice dinner dates, and generally they all just seemed to want to be shown a good time as long as I picked up the tab. That’s when I realized, you really don’t have to be filthy rich to date these women you just have to find the ones that you can financially afford.

Communication and 1st date with a sugar baby

I decided to try my luck and reach out to a complete bombshell that grabbed my attention right away. That’s when I discovered something else unique about Secret Benefits. I didn’t have to pay for a monthly membership like so many other dating sites (thank goodness since I’m one of those guys that always forgets to cancel memberships). Instead you just pay for credits to view secret photos or open a conversation. Starting a chat is relatively inexpensive (10 credits at around 50 cents a credit), and is unlimited after that. Not bad at all.

I asked *Stephanie out on a dinner date, and she got back to me in about 20 minutes, she asked me a few questions about myself and what I was looking for, and then after I mentioned I was new to this and just wanted a nice dinner with her she suggested we check out some new posh place on the water. The date went great. She was even more beautiful in person, really smart, and pleasant to be around. I picked up the bill, which was steep, but we did enjoy a nice bottle of wine and desert with coffee afterwards. I walked her to a cab that I volunteered to pay for, and she gave me a nice hug and kiss, and said she would love to see me again. Fantastic.

Conclusion on sugar dating using Secret Benefits

Not bad. In fact, I was generally impressed from what I experienced. It’s not what I thought it would be like in a good way. I spent what I most likely would have on any nice dinner date, and I got to go out with someone I would have considered way out of my league. I’m sure not all sugar dating experiences are the same, and I’m curious what future dates would be like, but after dipping my toe in the sugar bowl, as Secret Benefits likes to put it, I’m ready to put on my swim trunks and dive in for more! To anyone ever curious about sugar daddy dating I recommend giving Secret Benefits a try. It might just surprise you.

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