Reasons Why Guys Should Play Bingo

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Normally the game of Bingo is associated with females but clubs are now seeing an increase in male players. Whilst the ratio is still extremely high to females, we think that guys should join in the fun. The Just A Guy Team have come up with some of the reasons why you should start playing this exciting game.

Great Fun With Friends

Playing bingo is great with friends and family as it is a game of pure chance and therefore people all have the same chance of winning which makes it fun for new players. Most places sell food and drink making it a real social game. In many places, the cost of alcohol is cheap and will provide table service for players in mid-games.

Men Invented Bingo

That’s correct, in Italy the game of Bingo was created by guys back in the 16th Century. The idea of bingo starts back to the Italian lottery, Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia in 1530 –which then spread to France in the the 1700’s, which became known as Le Lotto, played by the French aristocracy.

Requires Quiet Concentration

Whilst playing bingo is great fun, it also requires people to be quiet when the announcer is mentioning the numbers. This silence is great for those guys that like to have a relaxing game without much noise and interruption.

Great To Play Online

For those guys that don’t want to leave the comfort of the home then playing bingo is now possible. Sign up and look into the top new bingo sites for daily offers, deals and bingo information.

Easy to Meet People

If you are a single guy then this is an amazing place to meet people in a fun and social environment. Let’s face it guys, you are not going to meet the woman of your dreams in the vault of your local pub. Go to your local bingo club and meet some new people of all ages.

What are you waiting for, get your bingo pen ready guys and sign up either online or with a local club.

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