Land Rover Versus Porsche Cayenne

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Looking to get an SUV? For all Canadians interested, the SUV is a right all-around vehicle to handle the country’s extensive surroundings. In terms of what SUV, this is where preference comes in. SUVs have similar features, but there are different sets of power in movement such as handling and towing capacity that can determine someone’s decision. Here are two common options considered for an SUV. There is the Porsche Cayenne, a mid-size luxury crossover SUV, and the traditional Land Rover, the brand known for its various SUVs.

Before you buy a Porsche Cayenne, here are some of the facts. It debuted in 2002 and only just this year released the third generation of it. The Cayenne has three turbo V-6 power trains to consider from, from 335 hp to 455 hp. It has a towing capacity of 7,700 lbs and a curb weight between 4,377 to 4,796 lbs. The key to the Cayenne E-Hybrid is that it is the first plug-in type for Porsche with a 3.0-L, supercharged V6 engine. Either gas or electric engine will be a good ride.

The Land Rover in Canada has been a fitting vehicle for the off-road terrain Canada provides through the mountains and countryside. In the winters, the Land Rover was made to deal with the snow and ice and handles itself quite well. Go to a Land Rover and test drive one through one of their testing grounds that shows off its endurance anywhere. The Rover, Rover Sport, Evoque, Discovery, and Hybrid among others are all comfy and built to take in plenty of people and cargo. If you have a family or live in a place that is hilly or you like to go hunting in Canada’s forests, the Land Rover is a perfect car.

The Cayenne

The Cayenne is a hot mix of luxury and sports-car performance while the Land Rover is the traditional SUV that handles everything the rough terrain gives to them while the inside feels like a regular vehicle.  What makes the Cayenne noticeable is that it is from Porsche, a brand not really known for its SUVs. Land Rover has progressed the body of their cars from a box-like exterior to a sleek, cutting edge that is designed like a gust of wind. The two brands are built to give the same feeling like the SUVs of the past, progressive than the Jeep, but they differ in interior luxury and pedal power; the Porsche seeks to keep its strong engine and drag the Cayenne on.

The SUV you choose to drive should be smooth and take on all of the elements on the road. It should have everything you want on the inside, which both brands have. The power behind the wheel may feel different, based on how one handles the vehicle’s different build and engine contributes to the easiness it should bring when driving.

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