Land Rover Reveals the TReK Off-Road Driving Competition Finalists

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When you think of Land Rover, incredible off-road capable vehicles is the first thing that comes to mind. Land Rover has sculpted a legacy of trail-riding and exploration thanks to the Range Rover, Discovery, Defender, and other incredible vehicles produced over the years. To celebrate this rich history of off-road prowess and the hard-working expert dealers around Canada and the U.S.A., Land Rover of South Dade has great news: Land Rover has brought back the TReK Off-Road Driving competition for another year! With fun and challenging off-road obstacles and trials, this event is sure to put our experts to the test.

With Land Rover’s strong presence in the North America continent that is rich with off-road trails and parks, we are excited to see the TReK Off-Road Driving competition return. This two-day event started off with a qualifying event and is followed up with a final-event this upcoming January in 2020. In this year’s roster, 53 separate three-person teams will each represent their respective dealerships that are spread throughout the U.S. and Canada regions. Each three-person team will collaborate together during the extent of the first and second phases of competition. The teams are formed directly from the hard-working personnel at Land Rover Retailers from around the continent, including people from sales, service, and technician departments. With our expert dealers and specialists from all around the continent, it has been fun to see them put their skills and experience to the test in extreme off-road conditions.

During the first stage, the qualifying round, each three-person team is given a fully customized and tuned 2020 Land Rover Discovery SUV that is crafted for ultimate off-road performance. Each SUV vehicle that was provided to each of the teams is identical, as to make certain that the scores achieved were based on the skill and coordination of teammates during the trials. With 2020 Land Rover Discovery SUVs in tow and teams formed and ready, they set off to Asheville, North Carolina to the Biltmore Estate that houses the Land Rover Experience Center and the preliminary qualifying trials. Each trial is strategically planned out, with tasks and courses to test the off-road driving skill, navigation expertise, and team collaboration of each of the 53 three-person teams. Based on the results from each of the courses and tests, the overall score was determined to decide which of the top teams would move on to the finals.

Since the original competition in 1996, the TReK Off-Road Competition has been held annually, offering a day of immersive off-road competition. From the qualifying round, eight of the fifty-three teams were selected to progress to compete in the finals this coming January. The three-person squads moving on to the finals have been announced, and the Land Rover dealerships they represent are: Alexandria (Virginia), Baton Rouge (Louisiana), Buckhead (Georgia), Columbia (South Carolina), Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), Fairfield (Connecticut), Minneapolis (Minnesota), and Roaring Fork (Colorado). These teams as well as the others that competed in the preliminaries showcased off their impressive experience and skill in off-roading prowess. The finals will be seen this coming 2020 January where the eight-teams will be competing in Palm Springs, California behind the wheel of the new 2020 Land Rover Defender.

With the finals fast approaching, as well as the new 2020 Land Rover Defender, there is a lot to be excited for! The showcase of experience seen in the qualifying round of the TReK Off-Road Driving competition was amazing; The navigation, coordination, and skill of this top-eight group showed to be top-tier, with combined scores that put them in qualification for the finals! Keep an eye out for more news as the new year rapidly approaches and be on the lookout of more information about the release of the new 2020 Land Rover Defender!

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