Improve Your Masturbation With These Six Easy Ways

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Masturbation is a normal activity for men to release stress or to satisfy the needs for sexual pleasure. However, this became a routine for some men, that they forgot the importance of masturbating. Men do it quickly and quietly as possible for many reasons, like fear of getting caught by a housemate or parents.

Dr. Uchenna Ossao, a sexuality counselor, said that there’s a lot of shame for younger men regarding sexual pleasure. Sometimes this is one of the reasons why many men are no longer enjoying their masturbation that much. Below are the easy ways to go for a better masturbation experience to help every man out there.

Invest in the Right Sex Toy

It may be cheaper to masturbate on your own, but it is also tiring and boring. Nobody wants to experience that kind of a solo session. There are many ways that you can try to improve your experience when you try to use the right sex toy for you.

One of them is the Autoblow Prostate Pulse, which gives you intense masturbation. It has a lot of features you will surely enjoy. This machine will give you the feeling of your penis being sucked by a nearly entire mouth. You just need to position your penis inside it, and the machine sucks your penis at your preferred speed and intensity.

If you’re not yet ready for this kind of intense experience, there are other sex toys for men that you can try as a starter like cock ring, fleshlight, male vibrator, and more. By using a sex toy on your next solo session, you can enjoy masturbating without the hassle, and you have all your time to focus on sexual pleasure alone.

Take It Slow

Kelly J. Connel, a sexuality educator, and counselor said men should take it slow when masturbating. They masturbate so quickly like a speed of light just to get to the result, ejaculation. It is not a good habit because you are only training your body to sexual stimulation quickly, which leads to premature ejaculation.

Connel also added that men should take time to explore their bodies and watch out for every moment of what they feel while masturbating. Instead of rushing to your orgasm, just focus on how your body reacts. When you do that, you will know what the best ways you can do to reach your climax are.

Pay Attention to Your Testicles

Masturbation does not only focus on sliding your hands up and down to your penis. Men should concentrate on their balls as well, which produce the real wow moment. Balls or testicles are the most neglected part of male anatomy, and that’s a big mistake.

Since it gives you a comfortable feeling by touching them personally, especially when your partner feels by hand or mouth. Sexuality experts also suggest touching your penis and balls at the same time for a very pleasurable feeling.

Learn the Art of Hand Screw

This technique that you can try is easy and fun. You have to twist your lubed-up while standing, so your thumb must be against your belly button. Then wrap your hands around the penis, move the pelvis to pump in and out of your hands. It is cheap and simple, but it can give you extra excitement and satisfaction while masturbating.

Watch a Video Porn

Everybody likes an erotic film, of course, but that’s not the only erotica out there. If you usually watch videos, try playing them on while you masturbate! It is enjoyable, exciting to read or listen to erotica and enables you to express your desires in a safe, sexy way. What sort of dreams lie behind the paywall would surprise you after doing it with a porn video playing in the background.

Stop and Start Technique

This kind of technique helps men to avoid premature ejaculation. It is not only used when masturbating but as well as in sexual intercourse. You have to start masturbating until you feel that you are about to reach your climax, then stop. Wait for a few minutes before you start masturbating again, then push for intense arousal before you stop it also.

Continue to do it and let your body regress a bit until you reach your final stage. It is best to practice with a sex toy, so your next sexual intercourse with a partner will be more comfortable and prolonged.


A healthy, normal way to explore your desires and learn what makes you feel good is masturbating. In comparison to solo playing, there are so many health benefits: you experience less heat, increase your mood, sleep well at night, and get sexual release. Experiment with designs, techniques, and toys. To be relaxed, do whatever you need to do, and love every second of it!


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