Impressive Noise-Cancelling Headphones from Cleer Audio

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This week we have had the pleasure to review some of the best noise-cancelling headphones on the market. Over the years we have tried and tested all major brands and Cleer Audio stands out among them. Here are some of the reasons why we highly recommend both the Flow and Flow II versions.

Great for Travel

We are always on the move and these headphones are a must have addition to take on the plane. The quality build is both exceptionally lightweight and comfortable. The noise-cancelling feature does more than do the job, it exceeds anything we have tested. For those plane journeys where you want to switch off and watch a film, then these will do exactly that. The engine noise almost sounds distant as it is nearly fully blocked.

Hybrid Noise Cancelling

This is the official feature of the headphones in which the technology allows for both complete noise-cancellation -30db as well as the ambient mode, which allows for focused listening without blocking outside noise. Basically this is the mode you would use walking to work or in the office.


Another great feature, a must for all is bluetooth listening. The headphones have Bluetooth 4.2 support and offers Ironless Driver technology AAC, aptX, and LDAC support meaning you can be several meters away from your device and still have connectivity.

Unique Headphone Design

The unique design of the Cleer headphones make the brand easily recognizable. As mentioned above, the build quality is great offering headphones that will last for a long period. The headphones, as you would expect, fold to allow for easy storage in the included carrying case.

Use With Phone

We are currently using an Xiaomi Android Phone and the initial connection to the headphones via Bluetooth was instant. The connection between headphones and device is immediate meaning that you don’t have to manually reconnect every time you want to use them. (We had this experience with other brands). Additionally, we love to walk and use our headphones for making calls, these offer a great experience and work 30+ feet away from the phone.

Overall Verdict

If you’re anything like us who appreciates quiet time then you probably want to put the Flow II on your short list. With the holiday season coming up these also make a great gift for almost any member of your family. For less than $300 these top of the range headphones don’t break the bank and offer amazing value. The hybrid noise-cancelling technology is great as it allows for a fully immersive experience, meaning that these are fantastic for both travel and relaxation at home.

The Cleer Flow II Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are available directly on Amazon. Look out for them on many top 10 guides for the holidays.

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