I Lost a Bet And Wore 1 Pair of Shorts for 30 Days Straight: Here’s What Happened 

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I was betting on a youth soccer game with my buddy, and we decided to make things interesting: the loser has to wear one pair of shorts for an entire month. After my kid missed a penalty kick in the final five minutes, I knew it was going to be me. 

I chose birddogs stretch khaki shorts as my monthlong bottoms. It was probably the least hygienic decision I could’ve made, since the shorts have a built-in liner that replaces your underwear, but they had enough features to be my top pick. 

The first week was smooth sailing. I played golf, went out for drinks, biked with my kids, and nobody asked questions. The shorts were made to be an athleisure/khaki combo, so I had no problems. I just dressed them up with a belt when I wanted to be fancier.

The issue was on day 10, when my kids wanted to have a pool day. I decided having wet shorts was better than screaming kids, so I just jumped in the water. To my surprise, the shorts were dry a half-hour later. 

It was only on day 25 that they started to smell — they were surprisingly anti-sweat. At the end of the month, I stuck them in the wash and kept wearing them for the rest of the summer.  

The yeast infection I got from wearing the same pair of shorts for 30 days is still clearing up, but it’ll be gone soon. At least that’s what the doctors think.  

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