How to Sustain Business Competitiveness Using Business Intelligence Systems

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Business enterprises, whether big or small, should bolster their operational efficiency to remain competitive in the market. The development of business intelligence systems like the Microsoft Power BI software allows these businesses to be efficient and productive. However, they need to power bi consultants to train all employees conduct power BI training for it to benefit their enterprise.

Operational efficiency is crucial, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) due to their limited resources and market reach. According to the research firm AMI-Partner’s executive Laurie McCabe, businesses that fail to improve their operations will be out of business sooner or later. To avoid this, they should adopt network technologies and efficient practices to remain competitive and achieve success.

Tips on Ensuring Business Competitiveness Using BI Tools and Systems

In the increasingly competitive business landscape, businesses cannot remain laggard in technology adoption to avoid bankruptcy. Here are some tips on how to boost operational efficiency, enhance client satisfaction, cut costs, and stay competitive.

  • Establish efficient business processes with partners– Develop corporate culture and procedures which meet the requirements of your associates. You can do this through the adoption of a reliable, safe, and secure network infrastructure.
  • Create a long-term technology plan– Minimize business disruptions due to technology issues by developing a long-term infrastructure plan. You should determine your short- and long-term goals and map your technology adoption strategy based on these objectives.
  • Provide staff with a safe and consistent source of information anytime and anywhere– A reliable and secure enterprise network results in the better use of BI systems. By allowing employees to access information continuously, you are empowering them to be more productive and motivated.
  • Conduct periodic employee training to improve their performance– You should develop a proactive training program to maintain the proficiency of employees in your adopted BI system. For example, if you’re using the Microsoft system, you should schedule sessions with power BI consultants periodically to refresh their knowledge. You may hire the services of credible BI providers to assist you in the process.
  • Analyze the results of your programs and make necessary adjustments in moving forward– Conduct periodic evaluation of your business performance to determine what went well and what’s ineffective. Make the necessary adjustments based on the assessment results.

Some Power BI Models in the Market Today

There are several versions of Power BI available in the market. You can choose any of them depending on your requirements and budget. Here are some of the models you can pick out of.

  1. Power BI Mobile– This device-based application (app) works primarily with smartphones and tablets.
  2. Power BI Desktop– A free desktop app, this version is recommended for SMEs due to its minimal data usage.
  3. Power BI Service– This version has two models, namely, the Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium. The licensed BI Premium is ideal for large businesses, while the Power BI Pro allows data sharing for other licensed users.
  4. Power BI Report Server– This is an on-premise version of Power BI Desktop for companies that opt to store their reports and data on their servers.
  5. Power BI Embedded– The app is a white-label version of Power BI for independent software vendors who want to integrate it into their apps.

Integrating new technologies and methods in your business is essential to remain competitive and profitable. Always adopt a proactive mindset and use new technologies based on your requirements to avoid being left out.


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