How to Sleep Better at Night

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Struggling to stay asleep or tossing and turning for what seems like hours before you finally drift off is not only irritating, it can take a toll on your body. Not only can a lack of quality sleep cause concentration issues, but it has even been linked to several health issues such as high blood pressure and a weakened immune system.

That means that unless you have a robot substitute waiting around to take over for you, you need to remedy any sleep issues as quickly as possible. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to run down to the drugstore for one of those over-the-counter pharmaceutical options. There are a lot better options that you should consider trying first.

Let Your Eyes & Brain Relax First

You may not realize it, but playing around on your favorite smartphone game or using your tablet to read the latest supernatural stories until you shut off the lights could be a major culprit when it comes to sleep issues.

That’s because those devices emit short-wavelength light (blue light) and that has been shown to mess with sleep. Put electronic devices away at least 30 minutes before you plan to sleep.

A Natural Alternative

There are some decent prescription sleep aids available and in some cases, that may be your only option. However, these days a lot of people are finding that using CBD to sleep is not only easier on their bodies, but it can actually work better in some cases. A quick web search will show you study after study with results that are definitely encouraging.

You may need to try different products in order to find the right one for you, but there are tinctures, smokable “buds,” and a variety of edibles. Try taking it 30 – 45 minutes before bed and you may find that you can sleep better than you have in quite some time.

Lay Your Weary Head to Rest

The fact is, if you’re not comfortable throughout the night it’s going to be next to impossible to sleep well. You may not give much thought to your pillow, but if it has been a while since you changed it out or you’ve always just chosen the cheapest option, you should definitely consider getting a new one.

A quality pillow for sleep is worth the extra money and these days there are not only products that support your head and neck properly, others help keep you cool. Both factors are key ingredients for a good night’s sleep and, with the right pillow, you could sleep a lot better.

Make it a Ritual

A bedtime ritual will help signal both your mind and body that it’s getting close to the time for sleep. Try reading a chapter or two of a good book (not on tablet or laptop), have a glass of warm milk, take a hot shower, or listen to calming sleep sounds or music.

Furthermore, promote sleep onset by making sure your bedroom is as comfortable as possible. Ideally, a quiet, dark, cool environment.

Keep Your Bed Reserved

If your pre-sleep ritual includes lying in bed tapping away at the keyboard, playing/talking on your phone, or even just watching television, you should seriously consider changing your habits. As opposed to being yet another place where your mind races, your bed needs to be a stimulus for sleep. If you want to sleep better at night, try reserving your bed exclusively for sleep and sex.

Getting a good night’s sleep can have a positive impact on your ability to concentrate, as well as your mood and productivity throughout the day. Implementing some of the tips above may not only garner you a lot more rest, but they could also be good for your overall health.

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