How to enjoy dating without Societal Pressure

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Dating is serious business. It is choosing to work and walk with a partner to achieve some common goals centered around your love for one another. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your partner on a deep level while sharing your deepest desires with each other.

Dating is a sweet experience that requires dedication just like the dedication you need when playing to win big at a foreign casino. As a young man, you should not agree to date anybody without agreeing on defined principles surrounding your dating. This is what many people fail to do. By default, they succumb to society’s dating principles which are flawed in many ways.

Dating and Social Media

Dating will always be a personal experience between two people. When society’s interests are involved, it is no longer an intimate experience between two people. Still, some people like the validation from others in society. Social media is a great tool. It can help capture memories and detail your dating experience with your partner. But, it would help if you did not forget that social media is a mirror of our society, and it has a lot of disadvantages.

Social media may expose your relationship to many varying opinions, which will hinder the growth of such relationships over time. It is always sad to see couples exploring cosmetic approaches to cover cracks in their relationship. This is usually with the intent of making people feel as if all is well, but deep down, both people dating will know that they are not being true to each other.

How to stay ahead of societal pressure while dating

The only way to stay ahead of societal pressure while dating is for you and your partner to take charge of your relationship by fully expressing your love to your partner alone.

Putting yourself in charge means that both of you will be the only final voice in your relationship. You will both work together to choose what you feel is right for your relationship and not what society dictates as acceptable.

Society respects relationships that do not conform to its dictates because, truly, our society has no power to influence anything unless you allow it.

Most couples naively succumb to society’s wills. When they do this, they struggle to get themselves back from the many negative opinions that they had subjected their dating experience to.


Societal pressure can be very bad, but the simple trick to staying ahead of it is for you and your partner to understand that you must always choose yourselves above all else.

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