How To Deal With Acne for Men

We all understand that during the teenage years, both males and females can suffer with acne as the body is physically changing into adult life. However grown adult men can still suffer from acne and this can be difficult to experience. We at have seen some of our readers experiencing adult acne and with this have decided to create a list of do’s and don’ts that can help in the battle.

Don’t Go To Bed Without Washing

During the day, our faces accumulate dirt and sweat which can cause acne , with this we recommend you wash your face each night before you go to bed.

Don’t Pick 

This is extremely important in the battle, don’t pick at pimples as they can get damaged and open wounds which can become infected. With this this can cause much bigger affected areas and make it unsightly. Don’t be tempted to touch or pop your spot.

Do Consult Dermatologist

If you are suffering from adult acne, then the first recommended step is to make an appointment with your Dermatologist. The Doctor will be able to give the best advice on if or what medication to take to control the acne.

Do Change Razor

With our grooming and lifestyle articles, we always recommend that men should change their razor frequently. Old razors can not only damage your skin but can contain bacteria from old shaves and therefore create acne.

Do Eat Healthy

Not only will eating healthy control you general well being and weight it will also help with acne. Choose a diet high in fruits and vegetables and you will notice in your skin.

Do Use Good Face Creams. 

We recommend that guys use a good acne gel to help with clearing u the face and neck. We also recommend that you read the ingredients of any creams before applying to your skin.

Do Exercise Regularly

Medical science has proven that that excess fat and obesity are linked to hormone disorders which can result in acne occurring. Keep the weight off and not nly eat healthy but also train several times per weeks.

If you have suffered from acne and are now free we would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this subject. Men and women can be effected emotionally when they have acne and we want to give them all the options available.

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