How to Build Back Definition For Men

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Building back definition for men is not so easy but it’s possible with the right exercises, a good diet plan, dedication and in some cases, high-quality supplements might be needed to enhance and accelerate the results.

Here, you will learn how to build up your back area for aesthetics, better posture and overall health and wellbeing.

Here are a few tips, take them into consideration if you want to build back definition to shape and define your physique.

Establish Mind- Muscle Connection

Often, aspiring bodybuilders or men who want to lose excess fat and improve their physical appearance fail to establish a mind-muscle connection before attempting specific exercises to build back definition.

If you want to build muscle, you need to establish the proper form and this comes when you really focus on feeling the muscles working. When you are working on your back muscles, you can’t actually see your muscles working therefore, you need to feel them working instead.

Before you start your back workout, warm up the muscles with light weights. The point of this is to get that mind-muscle connection and of course, to warm up your muscles. Squeeze your muscles with each rep and feel your muscles working. You can’t build muscle definition without feeling the muscles working.

Pull-Ups are Key

If pull-ups are not part of your back workout routine, what are you waiting for? They do look quite scary especially if you are new to working out however, you can start small by doing assisted pull-ups before you move on to performing pull-ups without any assistance at all. Start by doing as many reps as you can and increase your reps as you improve.

Use a Wide Variety of Exercises

Instead of focusing on one type of exercise, combine many different exercises to give your back a full workout. Perform bent-over rows, but make sure you achieve a solid bent over row form. Achieving good form is vital if you want to see back muscle definition. Also, include dumbbell rows, T-bar, pulldowns and seated rows. Perform 15 to 20 reps and three to five sets of each exercise.

You can do back exercises twice a week and rest your back muscles on other days.


Diet is crucial when it comes to building muscle definition, especially if you carry a lot of excess fat on your back or in any other area of your body. If you want better muscle definition, you need to pay attention to your diet too. Examine the types of food that you eat on a regular basis, if you are serious about gaining muscle definition reduce the processed carbs such as white bread and pasta.

Eat more whole foods such as sweet potatoes and Ezekiel bread, lots of fruits and vegetables and lean protein such as lean chicken and fish. Combine your lean protein and good carbs with plenty of fresh greens such as kale, broccoli and Swiss chard.

Include some good quality supplements into your diet if you need more nutrients such as protein powders and nutritional supplements such as magnesium and zinc.

Don’t forget the water! Often, your body appears bloated due to dehydration. When you fail to hydrate the body, it holds onto the water in the muscles causing water retention. This greatly affects muscle definition. Therefore, if you want your back muscles to show through more, drink at least one gallon of water a day if you can and drink more on heavy lifting days.

Add Cardio to Your Routine

Add some cardiovascular exercise to your routine to complement your strength training. At least an hour of brisk walking a day should be fine however, you can also add some high-intensity interval training to your exercise plan too. Do cardio at least three times per week, 40 minutes of high-intensity interval training should be sufficient.

Run, skip or cycle at a quick pace for 30 seconds and take 10 seconds rest. Repeat this ten times and rest for three minutes. Repeat until you have completed 40 minutes of exercise. You can mix up the routine by adding jumping jacks, burpees and other cardiovascular exercises to increase the intensity of the workout.


Rest is just as important as working out and consuming healthy foods. Your muscles need to rest in order to heal and grow. Therefore, perform your back workout routine twice a week and rest the muscles for the remaining days.

To conclude, building visible muscle definition is far from easy, however, with persistence, a good diet, correct-form exercises and plenty of water and rest, you will certainly achieve that enviable back definition that you desire.

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