How To Bring Jeans Into Your Streetwear Outfits

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Jeans. For many, they’re pretty much the biggest constant in our lives. Just like going to work, paying taxes, and going to sleep at the end of the day, jeans are a part of every day’s routine for most of us – you can wear them formally, casually, or to make a statement, making them perhaps the most versatile item of clothing that any of us have. In an age of streetwear popularity, jeans have never been more important; they offer us a tried and tested base from which to build our fits from, so we can experiment with confidence – check out some of our top tips for bringing denim into your streetwear style, as well as a few alternatives for those of you who are looking to push some boundaries!

Skinny Jeans

They’re probably the most popular style of jeans in recent times and for good reason – you just can’t go wrong with a nice pair of skinny jeans. They can easily be brought into the office, worn on a night out, and they’re seen everywhere in between too, making them a truly versatile addition to your wardrobe. The skinny fit looks particularly stylish in a black colourway, which gives them a very flattering effect that appears to contour your legs and compliment your build. Skinny jeans will look great with a simple tee or hoodie, so be sure to experiment to find the perfect way to incorporate them into your fits.

Straight Leg

A classic fit that’s starting to make a comeback is straight leg jeans – they’re a looser fit than skinny jeans, with the cut droping straight down from the knee to the ankle rather than tapering in, which gives less definition, be also creates a more relaxed image for your outfit. Due to the looser fit, these jeans are usually seen as a more comfortable choice that’s less restrictive and easier to move in.

Selvedge denim is a popular choice for this cut, as the durable raw denim offers something a little different to the standard light wash or black jeans we commonly see on the streetwear scene.


It goes without saying, but jeans aren’t your only option when it comes to creating a men’s streetwear outfit – there are other choices available that can offer a different edge to your fit, it’s just a case of finding the style that’s best for you!

Joggers are a garment that’s gaining increasing popularity recently thanks to their warmer style and relaxed, comfortable fit that makes them the perfect winter companion. You can go for simple lounge pants that feel incredible when you’re chilling out on the sofa, or opt for tech joggers for when you’re out and about or heading to the gym – there’s a huge selection to be discovered with options for everyone.

For something that delves a little further into the roots of modern men’s streetwear, a pair of cargo or work pants will pair perfectly with a sweater or hoodie; brands such as Carhartt and Dickies have a selection of brilliant trousers that are are being seen more and more frequently these days, introducing something a little more experimental and eccentric into your personal menswear collection.

Finding the perfect streetwear fit is ultimately down to experimentation and a willingness to be brave with the clothes that you wear, which will allow you to express yourself through the outfits that you curate, so it’s important to try to create combinations that you feel good wearing and that you genuinely want to wear. If you start wearing it with confidence, it’s sure to look great.

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