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With the inbuilt feature of bounce analysis, it can suggest you whether the email list needs to be cleaned or not! Further, upload your CSV/xlsx file and get a clean list with 99% deliverability rate. With just one click and get a saturated bulk list within seconds. With additional features such as detecting abuse accounts, fake domains, spam trapping, and disposable emails make AeroLeads one of the best CRM software. It also allows appending personal data and IP related information for better cleaning purposes. It uses SMTP verification system that comes along with email address syntax checker.

AeroLeads – Web Competitive Intelligence Tool

While etching out perfect marketing plans for your business, it’s your sole responsibility to keep an eye on your competitor’s strategy too! Through competitive intelligence tools, one can easily sense their email marketing plans, SEO strategy, blog activities, backlinks, ads, and financial health. AeroLeads helps you trap all the data which can give a hint on your competitor’s marketing plans. It will show you any site’s traffic data, SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing data, leads, partners and demographics, all with just one click. All this will help you improve your content on the website and generate more leads.

Lead generation tool

Analyzing the sales data, getting the proper analytical data, lead generation, integration with CRM tools are some of the exclusive features embedded with AeroLeads B2B extension. This extension helps you scan all the profiles and make a list having proper details within seconds. You can further track the sales data to target the right audience and follow the correct strategy of lead generation. Through the data accumulated, you can streamline the tasks distributed to the sales and marketing team. Thus, AeroLeads extension will improve the productivity of your team. It’s one of the best digital marketing tools used by many corporates.

Thus, at AeroLeads you will find all the features that are available separately in different lead generation tools. It has the best affordable plans and provides customer service 24/7 for 365 days. It will ramp up your online and offline sales and improve customer interaction. With a fresh and huge database being updated every day, it is easier to get the details of any person or corporate using AeroLeads. So, either buy dozens of tools for digital marketing Or buy only one that can do everything! Choice is yours!


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