Creating The Ultimate Man Cave In Your Basement

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Around 50% of houses have a basement, and this figure is even higher in central America, where 84% of homes are built with this valuable underground space. In many houses, the basement is the biggest room in the house, yet so underutilized. It so often becomes the lost realm of tumble dryers, boxes of junk and Christmas decorations. However, all is not lost – the basement is the perfect place to create the ultimate man cave, a purpose built retreat that you can use to relax, hang out with friends, or simply watch movies. It is a sanctuary away from the world that is solely for you.

Preparatory work

Before you even think about installing flat screen televisions and table football, you first need to make sure that your basement is structurally sound and free of damp and mold. It is worth bringing in professionals to check for damp coursing and prepare the floor and walls of your man cave so that they are ready for decorating. If you have more than one room in your basement, use custom home builders to move walls and help you remodel to create a large, open plan space. You may even want to consider installing under-floor heating so that your man-cave is warm in the winter months and always remains damp-free.

Creating a theme

The advantage of a man cave is that you can use it for whatever your heart desires. Many caves are dedicated to hobbies, whether it is fishing, music or collecting fossils. Having a theme can help you to choose appropriate decor. Your personal space doesn’t have to conform with any interior design rules that may happen upstairs, it is purely an area where your self-expression matters –  have fun with what you put on the walls. Have some ambition – if you want to build a bowling lane in your basement, then why not?

Choosing furniture

When it comes to kitting out your man cave, creating wide spaces of open seating works well, but go for sophistication, rather than thrift-store chic. Leather sofas will never go out of style and are easily accessorized with a splash of color. If you’re installing tables or a bar area, go for the same type of wood such as oak, so that your man cave doesn’t look too patchwork. Take inspiration from some of your favorite places such as iconic clubs or bars from around the world – there is nothing wrong with borrowing a few decor ideas.

A man cave is a stylish space where you can enjoy sanctuary away from the world. Using the basement can give you a substantial area to fill with things that bring you joy.

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