Casino Holidays: Countries & Cities with the Best Casinos

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Gambling is loved by thousands of people around the world but you don’t have to be a gambling lover to check out some of the best cities and their mind-blowing casinos. That’s why we’ve grouped together the best countries and cities that have the best casinos.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Where else to start than Sin City? Ask anyone what the first thing that comes to their mind is when you mention Las Vegas and the likelihood is they’ll say casinos and live shows. Which is what makes Las Vegas so popular amongst avid casino players and casual tourists alike.

What makes Vegas casinos so unique is that most of them are themed and have many other neat features that make these casinos stand out against other inferior rivals. Some of the best casinos include the Venetian which has been designed to look like a renaissance era palace with eye catching frescoes on the ceiling and has over 2,500 slot and video poker machines, 115 gaming tables and a high stakes table section for those big-time players.

Then you’ve got the Bellagio, which is a high end classy casino experience. To fully immerse your experience, you may wish to attend one of the Bellagio’s amazing live shows which attracts some of the best performers in the world and you’ll want to catch a glimpse of the famous Bellagio fountains.

Another of Vegas’ most famous casinos is Caesars Palace, which anyone who has seen the blockbuster movie The Hangover will instantly recognise, as most of the movie was filmed on location at Caesars.

Macau, China

Neighbouring with tourist hot spot Hong Kong, this peninsula is one of the most popular spots for gambling in Asia. With over 40 casinos to boast, this City has become one of the world’s go to places to gamble.

The Venetian in Macau may not be as recognisable as its Vegas sister but this is in fact the world’s largest casino. With 376,000 square feet of gaming space, 640 gaming tables and 1,760 slot machines, this casino offers the ultimate casino gaming experience.

As we already know, Macau casinos love breaking records and the Grand Lisboa is no different, with the resort being the city’s tallest building towering above at 856 ft. If an eyecatching casino is what you’re after, then this ticks the boxes, with the building shaped like a giant golden lotus flower. The casino inside isn’t too shabby either with 230 gaming tables and 880 slot machines.


While Vegas and Macau are undoubtedly the gambling meccas of the modern world, they wouldn’t be what they are today if it wasn’t for Monaco flying the early casino flag. There are strong arguments to suggest that Monaco was in fact the first casino resort in the world and has a long history of being Europe’s premier gambling spot and with that, the home of some of the most notable casinos in the world.

If you’re a bit of a history buff then you’ll want to check out The Casino de Monte Carlo, which started it all in Monaco. The casino first opened its doors in 1863 with the initial thought to generate more wealth for the royal family. The building oozes class and attracts both the rich and famous.

The casino itself has every form of casino game you could think of but most opt for the table games to get that full James Bond experience. This casino is also famous for its roulette tables and you’ll find every form of roulette here. Perhaps the only downside is that entry is strict and even if you have your best tuxedo on, there is no guarantees you’ll gain entry to the famous casino.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Although perhaps not as prestigious as some of the casino destinations mentioned above, Atlantic City still has a strong offering for those that like to gamble. New Jersey as a state has often been more open to gambling than a lot of others in the United States and it is also one of the only states where you can play casino online and players enjoy playing a whole range of games virtually.

For brick and mortar casinos however, the Borgata is a great place to start. While still a relatively new casino compared to others, this casino oozes class. The casino floor is surrounded by arches and marble floors making you feel like you’ve entered a Roman palace.

If you’re simply looking for a whole library of casino games and slots then the Tropicana Casino and resort is the place to visit. One of the oldest casinos in Atlantic City, the Tropicana has three floors of casino games, with more than 3,000 slot machines and 135 table games, which ensures it caters for both the avid casino player as well as those just visiting as a one off.

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