Over the last few years many of us transformed our garages, built sheds and converted spare rooms into office spaces. It proved a smart move with a huge portion of the world’s population spending well over a year working from home.

That’s all beginning to change with the daily commute back on and us setting up our laptops in office spaces once again. But what now happens to our home offices? Well, if you’ve got the budget and the space – turn them into games rooms of course.

After working so hard in the space, it seems only right that you should now get to have a bit of fun in it. So what exactly do you need to make a gaming room great?

Comfortable Seating

First and foremost you want it to be a place where you can relax, and nobody can really relax standing up for hours or sitting on uncomfortable chairs. While the amount of space you have will dictate what sort of seating you can have, comfort is a must.

If you’re lucky to have a lot of it, a few sofas or La-Z-Boy chairs are definitely worth investing in, especially those with in-built fridges so you can pop a beer in and keep it cool. If you’re planning on inviting friends around, comfortable seating is especially required, and it should perhaps be your biggest investment when transforming your former office space.


A TV or projector screen is incredibly useful to have, as it will not only allow you to play computer and console games in your games room, but it will also work for when you want to watch movies, put music on or watch live sport in your gaming haven too.

You can find good deals on projectors and screens these days, and it really can elevate your room, especially if you are a big lover of live sport. What better way to watch the Champions League Final or the Super Bowl than on a giant screen with friends and a few cans?


Of course, any games room needs games to play, and the choice is really quite staggering. The more traditional games within a room would be darts and pool, with the pool table taking centre stage within it.

However, there are so many more options these days, especially as more and more types of game are becoming popular. For example, the popularity of gambling sites like 777 live casino has increased exponentially in the last few years and there are some good ideas for integrating them into your games room.

Firstly, there’s the more common poker table, but then why not consider a slot machine too? Slot games are perfect for one player, as well as looking super cool in a games room. You can pick them up relatively easily these days and nothing will look better than an old-school fruit machine in the corner of your games room.

Other ideas could include a pinball machine, shuffleboard, a Subbutteo table and more.

Cool Pictures/Memorabilia

To finish off your games room, it’s time to decorate. It’s the ultimate room to show off your interests, style and hang whatever the heck you want to hang, whether it be signed football shirts, cool Marvel prints, or anything else that tickles your fancy.

Add a splash of colour to your walls and a few trinkets around the room to inject your personality into your games room and really make yourself feel at home within it. It’ll transform it without you even realising.