The prom is arguably the biggest event in the school calendar and, for many people, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In short, you want to get it right and leave the best possible last impression. For many attending prom, part of this will be complementing your date and their dress properly.

However, unless your date has been kind enough to show you her dress, or give you the link to check these out, you’re going to find it difficult to match them without talking to them.

Talk Colours

The truth is that selecting the same outfits or adopting the same colours can be too much. After all, you may be going to the prom together but you are individual people. That’s why the best approach is often to talk about the colour and add it to your outfit.

For example, if your date is wearing a wine red dress you’re not looking for a wine red tuxedo. That isn’t going to create the right last impression. But, you can add a wine red tie to your suit and perhaps a set of coloured cuff links.

It connects you with your partner and tells others you’re together without being overpowering.

Consider Fabrics

If you’re not comfortable with their choice of colours then ask your date what type of fabric they are wearing. A simple way of making a statement is to arrive together with your clothing made from the same material. For example, if your date is wearing a silk dress, consider a silk shirt or even the entire suit.

When looking at fabrics spare a moment to consider the style of the dress. That means thinking about the neckline, length of the dress, and even the ruffles, etc. It’s easier to share patterns if you know what your date is going for.

Accessorize Together

Another great way to share with the rest of your school that you’re together, just in case they didn’t already know it, is to wear matching accessories. This can be a corsage on your dress matched by a flower on his suit. It could also be matching necklaces or any other small feature that shows you are together.

Just make sure you’re both comfortable wearing the item. Remember being comfortable makes it easier to feel confident.

Other accessories that can be used include bows, beads, and even a bracelet.

Match Patterns

Alongside colours and fabrics, you can also match patterns. If there are any on your date’s dress try to incorporate the same pattern into your suit. This could be via the tie or the shirt, it’s not normally necessary to wear a patterned suit!

Consider A Theme

If you really want to match your date’s dress then you should consider creating a theme together. This doesn’t mean you have to go in fancy dress. You simply need to be aware of what your date is wearing and either mimic or compliment her choice. It’s easier than you think and can help you to stand out from the crowd, for the right reasons.