As a by-product of continuing emasculation, the modern man has found himself yearning the company of men. Often for one man in particular. Welcome to the man crush.

In days gone by, men could do things. Things like fixing the car themselves and changing the oil, fishing, owning a shed full of tools and being able to build things from scratch with a few bits of scrap wood, a hammer and some nails. If we needed further proof that our lives have been emasculated we only need to look at the No More Nails product. Now it probably does get the job done just as well as nails, but it’s not manly unless you’re banging nails in at the wrong angle with your hammer.

Modern man is a pale, disheveled shadow of his former self and it?s our distinct lack of a male compass that leads us into man crushes.

What is a man crush?

A man crush isn’t technically a crush in the traditional sexual sense of the word. It?s more like looking to men with certain skills and talents as our leaders. To teach us their ways. Whether it?s the guy with the well paid job, the man who always gets the girls or even the guy with a cool sense of fashion and style.

Often you’ll find yourself making excuses to your girlfriend in a desperate attempt to spend another Saturday night with him rather than her. It boils down to projecting who you can’t be ? or things you can?t do ? onto other men.

Take The Fonz from Happy Days for example. Richie, Potsie and Ralph all looked up to him. Three total geeks seeking guidance. They wanted to be The Fonz. Let’s face it, who didn’t? He rode motorbikes, was a tough guy and got all the ladies. The fact that he was an unemployed mechanic who lived in a garage and spent most of his time hanging out with teenage boys is irrelevant. The primeval urge to bond with and look up to men manifests itself in their complete devotion to this alpha male.

It’s a simple fact that when not trying to get into some hot girls pants, men will always prefer to hang around with other men.

Do I have a man crush?

Now there are probably men reading this who think that, although they know other men that they like and enjoy spending time with, the terms ?bromance? and ?man crush? are a little bit of an over-exaggeration. Well, picture this scenario:

You?ve just been asked out on a date by a gorgeous blonde woman when you bump into George Clooney. George invites you to a poker game at his house. The Oceans 11/12/13 guys will be there and no women are allowed. Which would you choose?

It’s an absolute no-brainer. Welcome to the world of man-crushes my emasculated friend.

If you’ve got a man crush on someone, famous or otherwise, and aren’t afraid to admit it then drop us a comment and let us know why you admire this person so.