Are Gay Men Meeting Each Other Through Hookup Sites?

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In the last five to ten years, dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid have become extremely popular. These apps have been helping people to find each other, to hookup, and yes, surprisingly, to start relationships.

However, while many of these apps are extremely popular in the straight dating community, there is a lot of debate around whether or not hookup sites and apps are as effective and as widely used for gay men (and lesbians too).

The Influence of Grindr

Grindr is the most significant hookup site/app for gay men. This app was created in 2009. Since its inception, it has pretty much been the go-to site/app for gay men to find hookups. This app allows gay men to find an attractive male to hook up with without having to go to the bars or the clubs. Its convenience and its simplicity are the keys to its success.

Over the years, Grindr has been able to maintain its status as a great way for gay men to find hookups. In fact, Grindr still boasts 3.8 million daily active users. It has users in 234 different countries, and the average Grindr user spends 54 minutes on the app per day. So, if you had any doubts about whether or not gay men are still using Grindr to meet each other, the answer is definitely yes!

Other Great Gay Dating Apps/Sites

Despite the fact that Grindr is still the undisputed king of the gay male dating app world, there are a number of other apps and sites that gay men use frequently to hookup. Some of the other apps that gay men are using are GayFriendFinder, Outpersonals, Adam4Adam, Scruff, ManPlay, Gaydar, SilverDaddies, and Want even more? Here are a bunch of gay hookup sites with reviews.

Between all of these sites and apps, tens of millions of gay men are connecting with each other every single day to arrange dates, hookups, and connections. So, if you are a gay man and are wondering if you will be able to find a connection through one of these apps or websites, the reality is that it is almost certain that you will be able to find someone to at least hookup with on these sites.

Most of these sites and apps only cost a few dollars per month, which makes them highly affordable and highly convenient for the hordes of gay men who benefit from them. Their affordability is one of the main reasons why they are so popular. For less than a drink or two at your favorite gay bar, you can swipe on an unlimited amount of sexy singles and flirt to your heart’s desire.

Is it better to meet your man on a site/app or in person?

Many people claim that it is better to meet your boyfriend or hookup partner in real life because this means that it is more natural, or that it was “meant to be.” While it is true that it might feel more romantic to meet your partner in person under some sort of interesting circumstance, the reality is that it can be a lot easier to meet your man through a dating site.

You can also be a lot more objective when you are using a dating site because you don’t have to worry about hurting the person’s feelings if you reject them and seeing their sad facial expressions. All you have to do is swipe left and move onto the next handsome stud. With dating apps, there is no guilt, it is just pure lust.

However, once you start getting matches on dating sites and apps, you will still need to be able to have good conversational skills, just as you do in real life. But, because you are not having an actual in person conversation, you will get to prepare your responses better, which can make it easier to think of that perfect witty little thing to say.


There is no doubt that countless gay men are still using dating apps to find lovers. The only question is whether or not you are better off using dating apps or going to the bars to meet your gay mate.

If you are someone who is outgoing and who has no problem approaching people at bars, then you might be far better off trying to meet singles at bars. However, if you are more of a shy type of person, then you may prefer swiping on profiles on dating apps, where it is safer and easier.

If you have never tried a gay dating app before, then you should strongly consider trying it at least. You never know who you might meet on there. At the very least, gay dating apps are a nice supplement to a good social life and meeting men at the bars!

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