A Complete Guide to Dress Code on Blue Collar Sites

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Blue-collar jobs are those that require skilled or unskilled manual labour. These jobs require physical activity and safety. Some of the blue-collar industries are maintenance, production, manufacturing, construction, warehousing, mining, excavation, etc. Other industries are logging, power plant operation, fishing, food processing, driving, etc.

According to the Australian government, incidences of injury in blue-collar workers are significantly higher than their white-collar counterparts. Another worrying statistic is that in 2017, there was a blue-collar worker death every 2 days. While this figure is quite low, considering the population of Australia, we must bring it down even further. This article recommends an ideal dress code for all Australia-based blue-collar workers. The idea is to make their working environment safe and lessen any injuries.

Fluorescent Clothes:

Irrespective of the industry, every Australian worker should wear clothes that mark him out from a distance. Some of the colours that can be considered in this context are orange and yellow. Wearing fluorescent clothes can make workers safe from several accidents.


Like helmets, protective footwear should also be a part of the blue-collar dress code. Foot injuries are pretty common in Australian construction sites. This phenomenon becomes even more complicated considering this 2018 report that says nearly 50% of all Australians have some foot-related complications.

Workers are quite likely to strike their toes against stationary objects such as nails, beans, and concrete blocks. To prevent this kind of injury, you may like to order special boots that protect the toes. These shoes are built with a special kind of material that is light yet tough and durable. If you want to save your workers from these injuries, please get good quality footwear from organizations like WorkWear Hub footwear.

Please consider buying shoes that have rugged soles and help workers in grasping slippery surfaces. You can also have shoes that protect the ankles of your workers. Protective shoes serve another function besides saving from injuries. They also protect workers from electric shocks from uninsulated wires.

Protective Visors:

Many manufacturing industries have full-fledged welding departments. Such departments can be found in automobile and construction companies. Protect your workers from sparks and other injuries by providing them with face masks or visors. These masks protect the eyes of your workers which are made from protective glass. Protective face masks also save workers from acidic fumes that are often found in manufacturing and construction sites. If your workers are exposed to these fumes for a long period, they may develop life-threatening diseases such as TB.


If you are running a manufacturing or construction-based business, you ought to provide helmets to your workers. Helmets save lives, and they prevent injuries to the human skull. According to this report, 107 Australians out of 100,000 people have suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBI.

Helmets should be coloured in yellow or any other shade that makes them visible from a distance. Good quality helmets are an absolute necessity in blue-collar sites, and you should never compromise on this variable.


Good quality gloves save your blue-collar workers from electric shocks and sharp objects. These gloves are often used in manufacturing organizations such as car companies and mining enterprises.

Knee Caps:

Knee caps protect your workers from injuries from sharp and stationary objects. These caps are used in pretty cramped work environments such as working under cars or in very narrow mines. Having a proper dress code isn’t enough for your blue-collar worker safety. Business owners should also have a set of rules and procedures for workplace safety. There should be a primary health clinic on your business premises, and it should be fully stocked with bandages and life-saving medicines.

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