7 Tips to Hiring a Remote Team

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Remote work can be beneficial for companies as well as employees. Companies will no longer have to maintain a physical building or office equipment. Plus, employees will no longer have to commute to an office. It can also greatly improve work-life balance. Additionally, remote work can help productivity as we shed some of the distractions that accompany office life.

As we move into a world that favors remote work, how do we build a strong remote team of employees? Here are some tips to help you perfect the process of adding new candidates to your remote team.

Choose the right time to hire

When considering bringing on new employees, you’ll want to consider the length of the onboarding and training process. Having too many new employees at once can lead to a delay in productivity for your company. Consider the functionality of your existing team before you add new team members.

Find strong candidates

When it comes to finding candidates to add to your team, you’ll want to look for candidates who fit into the values and culture of your company. As they will be representing your business, you’ll want to feel confident about your decision, so consider running a background check as part of your hiring process. Create a diverse and inclusive team of individuals who are passionate about pursuing remote work.

Create a well-informed website

Your website is crucial to representing your company’s values and mission. When researching the position with your company, your website will probably be the first place that a potential candidate will look for information. By including testimonials from current employees, potential candidates will be able to get some insight into a day’s work from someone who actually works there.

Place your job listing on remote job boards

Remote work has increased in popularity as a result of the forced shift to remote work during the pandemic. As a result of the desire for remote work, job boards like WeWorkRemotely or AngelList, are specifically created to help connect remote positions with ideal candidates.

Use thoughtful interview questions

As remote work is a unique type of employment, you’ll want to shape your interview questions to reflect situations they will encounter during their work with your company. Ask questions that provide insight into their skills and ability to manage remote work.

You’ll want to create a sense of transparency through your interview to provide the candidate with a sense of openness and honesty about your company’s expectations and values. Allow them to ask questions and provide a truthful insight into your answers.

Create a sample project

Despite the candidate’s experience, it can help to have them do a sample project relevant to the work they will be doing after they have completed a round of interviews. You’ll want to provide a time constraint that reflects the deadlines they will experience within your company. This will help them get insight into how they handle the work they will be doing for your company. It will also help you assess their skills and work habits when faced with a deadline. By paying the candidate for their sample project, you’ll ensure their willingness to complete the task and demonstrate you value them for their time.

Introduce them to the virtual office

Working remotely can make you feel lonely. To create a team atmosphere, you’ll want to try to replicate the connections you have in an in-person office. In order to bring the office into the remote work lifestyle, create a virtual office or create a work chat using Slack.

Hiring remote employees allows you to hire candidates from all over the world. So, it is important to build a diverse group of passionate and productive employees for your remote team. Through the hiring process, you can use these tips to embrace the remote employment experience.


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