7 questions you should feel comfortable asking your partner

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One of the most important things that you can do in a relationship is speak to each other.

Open communication and total honesty are key to successful relationships, after all, and being able to speak frankly with a partner can be very rewarding. Knowing that you have a loved one to turn to who won’t judge you or refuse to answer a question that you might have can be very soothing, as well.

There are some questions, however, that people feel awkward about asking their partners- especially if they’re new to a relationship. This shouldn’t be the case, though. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at 7 key questions that you should feel comfortable asking your partner, in relation to your partnership and future goals.

“Where do you see this relationship going?”

To start off with, it’s worth setting out goals and aims in a relationship, especially if it’s a new one. This is a question that can often be difficult to ask, due to the fear of mismatching expectations or coming across as needy. It’s a vital question, though.

Make sure to pick the right time to ask this question, though. Don’t ask it immediately on every date you go on; ask people who you see a genuine future with, to check that your goals align.

“Do you think you’ve ever been in love?”

For many people, this is an incredibly scary question to consider asking their partner. However, it is a very important one to ask. Asking your long term partner about love and past relationships can help to deepen your understanding of each other, which is always a positive.

“What are you interested in sexually?”

Setting boundaries and interests in a relationship in regards to sex is very important. This is something that long term partners should discuss frequently, to make sure that they are satisfying each other and that no one is feeling uncomfortable.

Sex toys are often points of interests in relationships, and we’d suggest looking online together for some inspiration if it’s something that comes up between you. Take a look at this guide from GiftWits as a basic starting point.

“Is marriage and having children something you’re interested in?”

This is another question that applies predominantly to long term partners, but can be relevant while dating too. As highlighted in this handy article, setting out expectations in regards to a long term relationship is absolutely vital for success.

“How do you feel our relationship is currently going?”

Checking in with your partner is always important, no matter how old the relationship is. Make sure to take time out of your daily routines to check in with them, and to evaluate whether you are both happy in your current states.

“What would you like to do more of together?”

This question is incredibly broad, and could apply to any number of factors- ranging from sex to date nights. As noted here by Bustle, understanding your partner’s interests and favorite pastimes is a wonderful way to get to know them on a deeper level.

“Are you in contact with your ex?”

This is more of a question for new partners, but it can be relevant for long term partners as well. It is possible to be friends with an ex partner of course, but this is something that many people would prefer to know first hand.

If you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to ask- but do make sure to ask it in a way that is non-accusatory and calm. The last thing you want is to seem like you’re accusing them of cheating or infidelity.


Generally speaking, there is so much to be said for open communication in a relationship. Having a partner who doesn’t speak openly or trust in you can negatively impact your mental health, so it’s important to avoid this at all costs. If any of these questions raise issues that you haven’t thought of within your current relationship, do make sure to bring them up with your partner where possible. Find a calming, neutral environment and a mutually beneficial time to have this discussion with your loved one, to remove any potential stresses.

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