5 Manliest Hobbies to Try

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So much of our time is spent working, being with our families, and generally giving ourselves to others. Sometimes it is hard to remember that we need to spend time on ourselves and really just focus on doing something that we want to do. Perhaps it’s time to take up a new hobby and find a new passion. Here are six of the most manly hobbies to give you some inspiration to reconnect with yourself and your friends.

Axe Throwing

What could be more manly than wielding a deadly weapon and throwing it at a target. Axe throwing is pretty self explanatory and consists of throwing an axe at a target in an attempt to hit a bullseye. And yes, it is as fun as it sounds. It is something you can do with your friends as a weekend activity, and if you get really good at it, then there is even a National Axe Throwing Federation founded in the US that has over 4,500 league members.


Whether you want to try your hand at target shooting on a range, or hunting for game, shooting a gun is something that requires patience and precision. Shooting is all about learning to improve your aim, and can be done alone or in a group of you. There are places you can go to try shooting before deciding if it is the hobby for you, but if you do enjoy it then you may want to purchase a gun. Depending on what you are shooting you will need different cartridges. If you are hunting, you will need something like 5.56 cartridges which will ensure you get the job done.


The idea of getting outside and providing your own food can be very manly indeed. If shooting isn’t for you, then perhaps give fishing a try. It’s a great way to spend quiet time alone, contemplating your thoughts. But it is also a great way for men to bond with their friends, or their children. Take your son or daughter fishing and you will open up opportunities to talk and connect with them in new ways. It is a relatively budget friendly hobby too. Get a fishing license and some equipment, find the best places to fish local to you, and away you go. It is also a fun activity to do around the country and is a great way to explore the great outdoors.


Hiking is a great way to get outside and stay in shape. Hiking is not just walking. Hiking is walking on an extreme level, and is very manly. It’s a free hobby to undertake, just make sure you have some good hiking boots and a manly backpack. Hiking is the best way to see some amazing sights, and is the perfect way to clear your mind, reconnect with nature, and make sure you are at your peak level of fitness.

Beer Brewing

Brewing your own beer is a great way to impress your friends when they come over to watch the game. Bring out your own beer that you have brewed in your garage and serve it up with chips and dip. Once you’ve got the kit you need to set up, it’s fun and easy to brew your own beer. You can experiment with different flavors, and brew your own limited edition beer that you can gift to family and friends.

So, if you are looking for a new hobby to try and want to keep your mind or body active, then there are plenty of options out there. Whether you want to spend time alone, or time bonding with friends, give one of these new hobbies a try. It will benefit your mental health and give you something to look forward to at the weekend.

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