5 Essential Tips for People Moving to Malaysia

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Have you made the rather bold and exciting decision that the time has come for a big change in your life? Have you also decided that the best way to go about change is to go all-in on a long-distance move to Malaysia? Malaysia does a great job of attracting not only tourists but those looking to put down roots in a new country. It is steeped in activities, history, architecture, rich culture, incredible cuisine and friendly people, making it a top contender in terms of places to live in Asia.

But for all its pros, there can still be a sense of anxiety as you get ready to move. It can be especially scary and stressful for those who have lived in the same country their whole life and aren’t used to experiencing new things. Here are five essential tips for people moving to Malaysia.

Start with Research On Malaysia

One of the best ways to calm any fears and uncertainties you may have is to do your research on Malaysia. Learn as much as you can about the country, the people, the landscape, the economy, the cost of living, and the various areas to put down roots. The more you learn, the better equipped you’ll be to make important decisions.

Master the Basics of Malay

This is also a great time to master the basics of Malay, which is the official language of Malaysia. Some standard words and phrases will come in very handy, so if you start with those you’ll at least feel more comfortable when you arrive. It would be a good idea to carry around a pocket translation book or guide or use a translation app. This will ensure there are no bumps in the road as you get used to the language.

What Will You Do About an Income?

Even though Malaysia offers one of the most affordable costs of living in all of Asia, you will still have expenses. So, how will you cover them? What will you do about income once you arrive in Malaysia? If you plan on getting a job it can be wise to start the hunt before you leave. For those who have an existing job that will allow you to work remotely while in Malaysia, you’ll need to be sure you think about office space in your accommodations and high-speed reliable internet.

Where Do You Plan to Live?

Accommodations should be next on the to-do list and, again, this is something you can take care of before you even depart for Malaysia. The move will be much smoother and less stressful if you know you’ve got accommodations lined up. The PropertyGuru site can help you to find the perfect location using filters and search parameters. You can get specific and type in something like ‘Desa Park City for sale’ and indicate how many bedrooms, bathrooms, floor space and so forth you’re looking for. Through the site, you can then call to ask questions, view photos and check out a live tour.

Malaysia has a wide array of accommodation options so you’ll want to be sure you know what you’re looking for and in what city, town and neighborhood.

Make a To-Do Activity Sightseeing List

When you are moving to Malaysia to live, there isn’t that same rush to see and do everything as fast as possible. On vacation you have a limited amount of time to fit everything in. However, it still doesn’t hurt to have a list of activities and sightseeing you want to do in Malaysia, even if it’s just a casual list that you browse from time to time. It will ensure that your time in Malaysia is spent well and you get the full experience.

Some of the activities and sightseeing worth adding to your list can include:

  1. A visit to Kuala Lumpur to see the high-tech and beautiful city. Of course, no trip to Kuala Lumpur is complete without visiting the Petronas Twin Towers, which are iconic. You may want to stay for a few days so you can fully experience the city.
  2. A visit to Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, which will feel like a secluded tropical oasis. This is a sandy beach lined by clear turquoise waters. You’ll need to take the ferry to reach it, but it’s well worth the voyage. The area is well-known for scuba diving, swimming, sunbathing on the beach and hiking.
  3. How about a visit to UNESCO World Heritage Site, Penang? Penang is an island that can be found on the west coast of the country. It does a great job of mixing the old with the new, making for a unique and picturesque experience.

There is no reason why your move to Malaysia is anything but exciting and fun and these tips will ensure that’s the case.


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