5 Car Accessories for Your Next Camping Trip

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Camping is a lot of fun, but hauling all your belongings on a long car journey can become a problem. Here are 5 car accessories to help you keep the inside and outside of your car organized and spotless throughout the journey.

Ceiling Cargo Net

Need more room for your belongings but don’t want to have your passengers all cramped up? Invest in a nifty ceiling cargo net that can hold a lot of belonging above your head, leaving the interior surface area organized and decluttered. These nets can hold a good amount of weight, though obviously, there are some limits as to the number of items you can store in them. All in all, this accessory is a great way to save space.

Trash Can

Car trash cans are a great way to keep the interior of your car clean throughout the trip. The last thing you need is plastic bags and empty soda cans piling up on the car floor. These practical accessories attach to the backs of the driver’s and front passenger’s seats and allow passengers to throw their garbage into them instead of storing them in the leg room, or worse, throwing them out the window.

Car Cover

Speaking of keeping the interior clean; how about your car’s exterior? Keep in mind that your car is only as clean as its outer layer. To keep the car protected from natural elements such as rain, snow, hail, and other dirty air particles, have a car cover on hand to drape over your vehicle whenever it’s parked. This will save you the hassle of going to the car wash every time you go on a long journey. This will also have a positive impact on your vehicle in the long run, as paint coats will remain fresh for a long time, without needing to be freshened up.

Trunk Organizer

If your trunk is too cluttered, then investing in an organizer may be your best bet. These containers are perfect for camping trips and other long journeys, as they keep all your trunk essentials in one place, freeing up more room for camping equipment. Trunk organizers also save you the trouble of rummaging through all that camping equipment every time you need to pull something out for quick car maintenance.

Under-seat Basket

Much like how the trunk organizer and the ceiling cargo net make use of the available space, under-seat baskets are also a great way to keep your vehicle organized. These are special containers designed to fit under car seats. Before leaving for your journey, simply move the seat forward, place the basket with all its items under the seat, then pull the seat over it and you have yourself some extra storage. Passengers can easily pull out the baskets any time they need to grab something. This way, the seats, and car flooring are kept organized and tidy, ensuring a more comfortable trip for the passengers as you make the best of what storage space you have.

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