12 Perfect Gifts for the Man in Your Life

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Buying the perfect gift can be difficult. That’s why this list was designed to give you the best ideas for that special man in your life.

It doesn’t matter if your guy is adventurous, stylish, geeky, or more of the romantic type – these 12 gift ideas will help you find the perfect gift based on your man’s personality.

1. Patriotic

For the patriotic man in your life, you can buy apparel emblazoned with the American flag, like flask sets, gloves, cufflinks… the possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking for something that will allow him to show his support for the troops, you can get officially licensed Marine Corps apparel online – like marine corps wallets, money clips, hats, watches… you name it.

2. Adventurous

The adventurous man in your life will thank you for giving him some thoughtful items to inspire his next adventure. You can get a list of 1,000 bucket-list ideas or packing cubes to make packing for trips a breeze.

If he loves to be in the water, a waterproof dry bag is a great way for him to protect his things. If you’re looking for something a bit more romantic, why not get him a frame with a picture of you two in it so that he can be reminded of you when he’s away.

3. Athletic

If your man loves all things fitness and works hard to stay in shape, you can make his workouts easier by getting him a fitness tracker that will track his times. If your guy loves listening to music during his workout routine, why not opt for a Bluetooth beanie so that he can listen to all his favorite songs?

You can’t go wrong with a pack of quick-drying shirts, or a pair of sunglasses that will protect his eyes from the sun and wind.

4. Foodie

For the foodie in your life, you can make his culinary adventures so much easier and more fun with a new pressure cooker, a hand-held smoking gun for cocktails, or a good-quality cast iron pan (who doesn’t need one of those?)

You can get him a new cookbook – like the insanely impressive Modernist Cuisine at Home, which is basically a culinary encyclopedia and a must-have in any kitchen. If you’re looking to make cleanup easier, you can opt for a personalized apron with a funny slogan.

5. Geeky

Would your man like a silly, novel, or clever gift that revolves around his favorite sci-fi or fantasy series? If he can’t get enough of Game of Thrones, you can get him “A Feast of Fire” – which is a cookbook based on the series.

You could go high-tech and get him a desk lamp that looks just like a hologram or a throw blanket that unfolds to reveal a secret map – there are so many gifts for geeky guys online. Or you could play it safe and get a new set for his favorite role-playing board game.

6. Outdoorsy

If your guy loves spending time in the great outdoors, you can make his time with Mother Nature more comfortable by getting him a pair of electric hand warmers that are so small that they can fit in his pocket.

If you’re looking for something you can do together, try rotating roasting sticks that can be fitted over a campfire. If you’re looking for a way to make camping more romantic, you can get a hammock or sleeping bag that’s built for two.

7. Retro

If the man in your life is fascinated with decades past, you can go retro with your gift, too. You can try a viewfinder that’s customized with pictures of the two of you, or you can get a Bluetooth keyboard that looks and feels just like an old typewriter.

If your guy wants to listen to music on old-fashioned equipment, retro record players and Bluetooth speakers can give him a nostalgic blast from the past.

8. Well-Groomed

If your man takes his grooming seriously, gift him with an upgrade on his skincare routine or all the tools he needs to keep his beard in tip-top shape. Choose bundled skincare products with high-quality ingredients – and for the beard, there are many products like balms and oils on the market these days.

If he just wants a smoother and more comfortable shave, get him a dry electric razor – they don’t irritate the skin as much as traditional razors.

9. Stylish

If the man in your life likes to live it up with style, you can get him something that suits his tastes and makes him feel like the coolest guy in the room.

Motorized tie racks are perfect for adding a touch of fun and sophistication to his dressing routine, or you can opt for a classy messenger bag that will allow him to carry his stuff to work in style. Crystal glassware is perfect for the whisky aficionado – add in some reusable whisky rocks and you’re good to go.

10. Musical

If your guy adores listening to his favorite songs on his BlueTooth headset, you can enhance his experience of music by getting him a speaker that he can use anywhere he goes – even in the shower!

A smart speaker with Amazon’s Alexa built-in is a good option too, or you can try a high-quality microphone that slots straight into his computer.

If you’re looking for something a little more creative and unique, you can order a customized, framed print of the lyrics of his favorite song.

11. Relaxed

If your guy loves nothing more than kicking back to relax, you can’t go wrong by getting him the most comfortable loungewear out there.

If your guy loves to chill, think super comfy lounge pants lined with soft fleece, memory foam moccasin slippers, an adjustable sleep mask, or a massager to work on those tense shoulder muscles.

12. Romantic

If your man is the romantic type, he’ll love gifts with a special, personal touch. Customizable gifts are the way to go – try an engraved wallet card or watch or an amazing set of bracelets that actually lets you two communicate by touch when you’re apart.

Be sure to also include a loving and thoughtful message to win his heart.


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