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Your Mantelligence Briefing for March 18th


Here are some extra manly links to help you through your post-St. Patrick's Day hangover:

Marisa Miller’s Bodacious New Swimsuit Photos (see above) [Popoholic]

The Sexy Girls of Saint Patrick’s Day [Gunaxin]

How to Win a Gunfight [MadeMan]

How To Land Desperately Hot Babes [COED Magazine]

The Dog Show Streaker [TotalProSports]

Drugs Hit Nascar [AllLeftTurns]

21 Toys With Inexplicable Genitalia [Manofest]

The Hottest DJ Ever [TheChive]

8 Ways To Prepare Your Pets For War [Double Viking]

Heidi Klum Topless Workout Pictures [Hollywood Tuna]

A Tribute To Men Staring At Boobs [Holy Taco]

The Definitive Guide To Single-Serve Website Awesomeness [YepYep] [Cool Material]

Developing the Heroic Imagination: The 5 Traits of Heroes [Art of Manliness]

Women And Their Periods [Asylum]

Top 10 Rejected Erin Andrews Costumes [Playboy]

10 Things About Jennifer Love Hewitt [LemonDrop]

9 Most Insane Train Robberies That Actually Worked [EgoTV]

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