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Your Mantelligence Briefing for February 25th


Here they are once again, the manliest links on the webosphere:

Sexy Spring Break Safety Tips (see above) [MadeMan]

8 Interesting (And Insane) Male Rites of Passages From Around the World [Art of Manliness]

John Mayer’s 16 Douchiest Quotes So Far [COED Magazine]

The Zombie Combat Manual [Cool Material]

Cuff ‘Em: Teacher Turned Bikini-Wearing Fishing Boat Shipmate Picked Up For Perjury [Busted Coverage]

The Mistresses of Tiger Woods [Gunaxin]

9 Worst Public Apologies in Sports History [EgoTV]

15 Things You Should Know About Breasts [Tasty Booze]

Hot Girl Bikini Cliff Jump Fail [College Humor]

Fight Club: Samurai vs. Raptor [Double Viking]

Kim Kardashian Deserves A Second Chance [TSB Magazine]

NASCAR vs. The Olympics [All Left Turns]

Eniko Mihalik In Bon International [Style Crave]

Man, I miss spring break.

Man, I miss spring break. Great set of links.

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This is NOT a UFO
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The SDSU Sigma Chi Reggae Party Represents All That Is Good About Summer
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A Running 12 Hours Spent Drinking in Public
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