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Your Mantelligence Briefing - 06/07/10

Made Man knows that you're living your life all wrong.  Here are 13 things you should be doing just after waking up to stop being such a failure.

Anthropomorphic robot sex doll Heidi Montag is back on the market.  Also, I have a strong hunch she has one more anatomical curiosity that wasn't covered in People Magazine. Seriously, she eats souls instead of Pinkberry.

Okay - you can read the articles we post on free donuts or you can read the articles we post on workout routines, but you can't read both.  Cool?  Cool.

You're broke.  Stop denying it, it's really unbecoming.  Doesn't mean you can't have a good time.  Bro Bible let's you in on 10 ways to score free booze in the most expensive city in the United States, New York City.

Bros Icing Bros is pretty much the greatest thing that the internet has ever helped perpetuate.  Okay.  It's tied with Haitian earthquake relief efforts.  But to be fair, that raised the bar pretty fuckin' high.  Seriously, start icing your bros or I will ice your family and everyone you care about.  Thanks, Internet!

Condom broke?  No problem, you just scored yourself a pint-sized Swiffer.  See video below.

We all know Americans may not be regarded as beacons of sophistication and grace, but this Bloke Buddy article goes a step further in specifying exactly why we suck.  Bonus - a British dude concedes what sucks about those that hail from his motherland as well.  It's not bad cause everyone gets their feelings hurt equally.

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