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Women Love You In Pink Shirts

Pink shirts are officially back in fashion; now is the time to impress the right kind of women with this diamond-in-the-rough fashion tip.


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Believe it or not, pink shirts are back in fashion! There's nothing girly or homosexual about wearing a pink shirt. In fact, this little diamond in the rough fashion tip might just help you impress the right kind of woman for a change.


What is so great about wearing a pink shirt?


Women want their men to be macho, but what they don't tell you is they want that macho man to have a sensitive side. What better way to show your sensitive side than opting for a soft shade of pink for your next night out on the town? Not only that, a pink shirt will make you stand out in a sea of boring blue and white shirts at the bar.

Gone are the days when the pink shirt was considered the yuppie 80's investment bankers shirt of choice; the pink shirt is the straight guys secret weapon when it comes to attracting the increasingly fashion-savvy female population.


Okay, how do I pull off wearing a pink shirt?


When it comes to pink shirts, you don't want to be too overkill. Avoid shirts with different colored collars and cuffs, and while on the subject don't buy a shirt with an oversized collar - pink or otherwise.

Unless you want to look like a salmon, don't buy an orangy-pink shirt. By the same token, you will look gay if you strut out onto the dancefloor in a delightfully sthuper shade of fuschia. Oh, and never, ever, ever, ever wear a pink ruffled shirt. Unless, of course, you are actually gay.

Instead of orange, fuschia or ruffled pink shirts, go for a nice pale pink that offsets your skin tone. Always go for 100% cotton linen to avoid nasty nipple chafing at the end of the night.

Convinced? Buy a pink shirt now and start reaping the benefits of being a style icon.

Correction: Pink shirts ARE

Correction: Pink shirts ARE girly and homosexual.

Further more...this is not a new argument. The fashion industry has been trying to make pink appealing to regular guys for the last 8 years. Does telling guys it's ok to wear pink every year, year after year, make it ok? Stick with it this point you gotta round out the decade.

The only thing you'll be standing out of with a pink shirt is the closet.

One of my exes loved it when

One of my exes loved it when guys wore pink.
I'm a fan of the pink polo myself. It's nice to wear during the summer.

I wholeheartedly agree with

I wholeheartedly agree with pink being a fabulous shirt color for any man to have in his closet. To offset the nipple shock, wear a teeshirt underneath...rendering fabric choices a non-issue.

I totally agree. any man who

I totally agree. any man who can make pink "work" gets few extra sexy points in my book!

Pink has definitely been

Pink has definitely been trying to make it big for the past 7 years or so. While I have nothing against it, pink shirts are not going to get you that date with the lovely lady. If anything, it screams "I'm a pin-up boy for Abercrombie."

What is "100% cotton linen"?

What is "100% cotton linen"? Cotton and linen are different things.

Hmm... I've been specifically

Hmm... I've been specifically commended by my girlfriend for not wearing pink under any circumstances... ^_^

Absolutely true. Guys look

Absolutely true. Guys look fantastic in pink shirts. Especially if you are a little tan.

[...] is lightly clothed

[...] is lightly clothed (Video) The Bachelor Guy - Coolio keeps cooking real (Food) Just A Guy Thing - Women love pink shirts [...]

I hate guys in pink shirts

I hate guys in pink shirts but okay with salmon pink. That colour is hot.
And there is such a thing as cotton linen. Linen is just a name of a fabric but it's made of cotton.

Advocating that a person

Advocating that a person should wear a particular color is silly. No color should be off limits to men. A pink shirt is just as appropriate to wear as a lavender, green, yellow, or baby blue shirt. Go and diversify your wardrobe with colors and wear each of them confidently.

Girls are drawn to pink shirts because it shows they're confident. Its the confidence that attracts them, not the color.

Just another excuse to

Just another excuse to feminize men and create more metrosexuals. Just because you wear pink does not mean you are a sensitive man. Seriously, I think the majority of men who wear pink do so to please the woman who wanted them to wear it in the first place. It's time men be men and stop wearing the color of what is between their girls legs.

Hot Pink definitely no, but

Hot Pink definitely no, but maybe a dark or really light pink might be excusable. I personally wouldn't be seen dead in pink, that's why I'm getting cremated so no-one can stitch me up :)

Nothing says Queer quite like

Nothing says Queer quite like a pink shirt.

[...] Women Love You In Pink

[...] Women Love You In Pink Shirts [...]

Gag. Guys shouldnt wear pink.

Gag. Guys shouldnt wear pink. Pink is for girl and perhaps guys that wish they were girls. If I want to date a pink-shirt-wearing, sensitive kind of guy I would just be a lesbian.

Officially cotton comes from

Officially cotton comes from cotton plants,
and linen comes from flax plants.
Not to be confused with "linen weave"

Why pink ? There are so many

Why pink ? There are so many other colors, little girls where pink and boys wear blue. Stick to classic solid colors and you will look sharp and never be out of style.

I'm a 100% straight man and i

I'm a 100% straight man and i wear pink polos and dress shirts (soft pink, just looks better to me). I'm tired of the way our society thinks, it's just a COLOR people, it's childish and dumb. And I'm a black man (light skined, no point in telling, just thought you would like to know) and if you didnt know the black community often makes gay jokes and talks shit about there own people (haters) who dress or act a certain way. I dont wear for girls or any other people, I do it becuase I look so damn fine in it, peace.

A century ago, pink was

A century ago, pink was considered a masculine color, because it was a lighter shade of red, which was "warm" and "dynamic" and therefore "masculine." Pale blue was a feminine color because it was a cool color.

Interesting how things have switched around. I think colors are gender-neutral. All colors can be worn by men, provided its done right and the color matches the guy's complexion. There are some men who shouldn't be caught dead in pink, others that looking fantastic. Just depends on the individual.

lurve a pink shirt on a man..

lurve a pink shirt on a man..

Good for you Michael..Wear

Good for you Michael..Wear that pink I am sure you look great in it..I bought my 38 year old son a light pink shirt yesterday because I feel he would look awesome in it..My husband don't agree with me I came here to see what others say..I see goods and bads..But I agree also IT IS JUST A COLOR FOR HEAVENS SAKE !!! Why do people have to be so judgmental and cruel..This old world we live in sure doesn't make much sense anymore...I say wear it if you like it..And leave those alone who choose to do it..God bless us all..

Agree with Michael!

Agree with Michael!

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