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Woman Has Literally Mind Blowing Sex


You may have had sex that you thought was mind-blowing in the past, but not like this. A 59-year-old woman, known only as Alice, suffered a sudden attack of amnesia last August after having sex with her husband.

A sudden loss of memory - called "transient global amnesia" or TGA - can be triggered by strenuous activity, going to the bathroom, or vigorous sex. Following the mind-blowing sex romp with her husband Scott, Alice temporarily lost all memory of the last several years.

After sex the couple turned on the television to watch the Olympics when Alice asked "Is there an Olympics?" After she didn't know what day is was and didn't know who the current president was, her husband knew there was something wrong. She was taken to a hospital and later diagnosed with TGA.

Her memory has now fully returned, although Alice still can't remember the sex that triggered her attack.

photo credit: Perfecto Insecto

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