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What Gadget Makes You the Happiest?


It's no secret that most guys love gadgets of all shapes and sizes. But of all the electronic gizmos you own, which one really makes you the happiest. If you're like the respondents in a recent survey, that gadget would be the Nintendo Wii.

The Gadget Helpline, a service in the UK that helps consumers with broken electronic equipment, asked 2,500 of its callers "what gadget makes you happiest"? The Wii topped the happy gadget list, followed by the iPod and the iPhone 3G.

With the Mac Book notebook computer coming in at #7, Apple had three gadgets in the top 10. In addition to the Wii, Nintendo also scored with the Nintendo DS at #8.

The success of gaming consoles in making us happy shouldn't be much of a surprise. The Wii, in particular, enables us to socialize with other people easily, bringing it out of the realm of electronics.

Here is the complete list of gadgets that make us happiest:

1. Nintendo Wii
2. iPod
3. iPhone 3G
4. Xbox 360
5. Blackberry
6. Sky+
7. Mac Book
8. Nintendo DS
9. Tom Tom 930 Satellite Navigation System
10. Sony PRS-505 Reader

Is your favorite gadget on the list?

photo credit: doobybrain

My DVR makes me happiest.

My DVR makes me happiest.

I've got a 360, iPod touch,

I've got a 360, iPod touch, and a DS and my 360 makes me much more happy than my other gadgets. It's newer to me by a few years, but it really is amazing.

Very true - I'm surprised

Very true - I'm surprised Tivo didn't make the top 10. That would be at the top of my list for sure.

That's pretty much 100%

That's pretty much 100% correct for me (Apart from BlackBerry & TomTom)

Only thing I'd add is my Apple TV. It's perfect for what I need it to do. Buy US TV shows, watch them in HD, and play Movies every now and again.

[...] been well documented

[...] been well documented that the Nintendo Wii is the greatest invention in the history of mankind. Sure you can use it for some virtual boxing or tennis. But did you know [...]

[...] want to subscribe to

[...] want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Microsoft is taking direct aim at the Nintendo Wii in the upcoming release of the Xbox E3. The E3 takes the concept of wireless controllers to a whole [...]

wow I didnt know I was being

wow I didnt know I was being depraved I own nothing on the list but I'm happier than ever. anyway I glad I have my computer.

A car or laptop should be

A car or laptop should be first on the list. Then comes phones and mp3 players.

The remote garage door

The remote garage door opener, man. A true labor saving device. All the gadgets on your list are just time wasters

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