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Wednesday Link Love


Here's some fun things we've found on the Interweb superhighway thingy:

Marissa Miller looks damn good in a bikini (for evidence, see above) [Hollywood Tuna]

Man's Web Site Offers Free Oral Sex to Louisville Women [Asylum]

Guest Column: Barack Obama - 4 Things That Need to Stop Now That I'm President [Holy Taco]

Sick William Spencer stakeboarding moves [Double Viking]

Tesla Roadster Sport, Faster and More Expensive [StyleCrave]

A Behind the Scenes on the Photoshop Effect [Uncoached]

Judge Judy PMS's On Plaintiffs [EvilChili]

sexy old lady

sexy old lady

'Pregnant Man' Gives Birth to Second Child
Yes, men, it is possible for you to give birth to a child, but it's a lot more likely if you're a transgender m...
Your Mantelligence Briefing for January 21st
Here they are once again, chock full of awesomeness - the manliest links on the web: The NFL's Hottest Cheer...
Mondays Suck. This Email Exchange Between Coworkers Doesn't.
Because we're all staring into the abyss that is five straight days of work, we at JAGT figured we could throw some...
Oh China!!! You Put the "Fun" in "Batshit Crazy Laws"
From our friends at :  It would appear that China has just lifted its visa ban on bald Taiwanes...
ATM Glitch Let's Man Overdraw By $1.5 Million, Loses it All Gambling
This guy might have a gambling problem. In addition to lots of other problems. Like being an idiot, for one.  ...