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Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford Caught On Video Smoking Crack

The big highlight of this piece would, of course, be the embedded YouTube video of Toronto's most senior elected official, Mayor Rob Ford, drunkenly smoking crack with a gang of thugs, but, also of course, the video hasn't been released yet. Nonetheless, it's a pretty fascinating story that's been about six months in the works. 

Where it goes from here is anyone's guess, but Rob Ford seems adamant that he's not going to resign, and many outspoken media outlets insist that he should because he is a mayor that got caught smoking crack on tape. Let's take a look back at this trainwreck. 

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Back in May, several members of the media, including reporters from Gawker and the Toronto Star, traveled to Toronto, and hung out with some pretty unsvaory people after learning that they possessed a video of Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine. Ford had been known to be a drinker and a bit of a loudmouth, so the allegation wasn't completely shocking, but still surprising. They were able to watch the video, and the Gawker reporter was told he could buy a copy for $200,000. Gawker raised the money, but wasn't able to get its hands on the video. 

During this time, the accounts were made very public, causing Rob Ford to frequently deny the allegations, calling them "ridiculous." Simple enough. Things died down, and the business in Toronto continued more or less as usual. 

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Until a week ago when the Toronto police announced that they had a copy of the tape in their possession. In the vaguest terms possible, the police conveyed that it showed what everyone thought it showed. Rob Ford continued to deny smoking crack, then goading the police to release the tape, which the police said they wouldn't do. Ford held a press conference, where he stated that he wouldn't resign. A couple days later, he announced he would stop "getting hammered." Always nice when a politician promises that. 

Then, yesterday, Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack. He still asks to see the tape, and wishes for the citizens to see the tape. It's not clear why, but I think the public has gotten used to Rob Ford doing stuff they don't understand. That brings us to today, where the future for the mayor and his city remains unclear. The only certain thing is that the story is far from over. 

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