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Top 5 Dates When You're Broke

This is a guest post from Gerald Mather.


Have you been asked on date by the girl of your dreams? Maybe you asked her and she finally said yes for a change. Only problem is that you?re so broke you can't afford a $20 trip to McDonald's never mind a nice $100 dinner. Well don't worry - we?ve got you covered. Most of these dates are under $20 and some are free so read on. Don?t let the recession put the brakes on your love life!

Here are our top 5 date ideas when you?re broke.

5. Movie Marathon ($0 - $20)

The at-home movie marathon is an easy and almost free date. This is a great get-together if the female has already expressed an interest in movies. Ask her to bring over a couple of her favorites and mesh that in with some favorites of your own. The only cost involved here is renting some movies if you don?t currently own any good ones. You?ll also need to pick up some munchies and beverages if you?re out. For movies I suggest romantic comedy. There are some good light romantic comedies that will keep the mood amorous but also a little funny so that it?s not to over the top mushy.

The setup for this date is very simple. You?ll want to start on the early side, since you?ll be watching several movies. Make sure your DVD player TV and surround sound (if you have it), is all set up and ready to go. Remember that your date will be judging your living habits when she comes over, so make sure the house is clean and the washroom is spotless. Also have some of her favorite movie snack foods around and something for her to drink. Ask ahead of time what she likes and in this case only get alcohol if she requests it.

Clothing for this date is simple as well. Just put on some of your nicest lounging clothes, comfortable jeans and a clean t-shirt. You could try wearing a dab of cologne on both shoulders so she gets a nice whiff while cuddling. Also make sure to keep some gum around to keep your breath fresh.

If all your preparation has been done properly this date should go very well. Make sure to watch the movies she brought and after each movie spend some time talking about what you liked and what you didn't like. Offer her drinks, make her popcorn and show her where the washroom is. Now all you have to do is figure out the best time to make your move (lol).

4. Walking, Rollerblading or Biking Trip. ($0 - $10)

Another easy and extremely cheap date is the walking, rollerblading or biking trip. Simply talk to her ahead of time and ask her if she has rollerblades or a bike, then go from there. It's easy and simple and you will really get to know each other because there is a lot of time to talk.

The setup for this date is easy. Find a nice park with a decent path or a nice hiking spot in your area (beach, pier, trails, park). Make sure your rollerblades or bike are well maintained, then just bring a few sandwiches and a couple bottles of water in a backpack and you?re ready to go.

Clothing will be very casual - dress for the weather and make sure you are comfortable. Don't dress for a night on the town but don't show up in dirty clothes either (in fact, it?s safe to say you shouldn?t show up in dirty clothes for pretty much any date unless you?re playing paintball).

Your day should go off without any problems. This date does involve a lot of talking, so make sure you think of some topics ahead of time and be prepared to answer a lot of questions and if all goes well she wont even realize you?re broke because all she will remember is all the fun she had.

3. Play a Sport ($0)

This is a great date if you're with an athletic type of girl. Simply find out what some of her favorite sports to play are and challenge her to a game. Basketball, hockey, soccer - whatever. The most fun about this date is you get to be competitive and show off your athletic ability.

Ask her what sports she is talented at and then issue the challenge. Find a local spot where you can play her sport for free, bring a couple bottles of water and maybe a sweat towel or a change of shirt depending on the sport. Remember to also bring any equipment you may need.

The clothing for this date is very simple - gym clothes, so dress to get sweaty. Make sure you wear a good pair of running shoes or cross trainers.

Your day should go very well with little or no problems, lots of competition but very little actual conversation. You wont learn a lot about her on this date, but it?s free and she doesn't even know how broke you are. For another date, go for a rematch but this time you pick the sport.

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2. Make Dinner, Pizza ($0 - $50)

When done correctly this can be a really fun and amazing date. There are a few ways to go about this. If you?re a good cook then go with a nice romantic candle lit dinner. But I recommend going in a completely different direction - its called fun.

The only preparation you should be doing for this date is making sure your living area is nice and clean and don't forget the washroom. This is another date where she will be evaluating how you live so make sure it?s spotless and all your dishes are clean. Make sure you have some beverages on hand both alcoholic and non.

The clothing for this is date would be as nice as you can while still keeping it casual. Throw on your good jeans, a nice button up shirt and some dress shoes.

The date should start off very simple, inform her of what you have planned and head over to your local grocery store or even better the local market. Start off by picking out a nice pizza dough. I recommend a pre-made dough but it?s up to you. If you think you can, then make your own. Spend the next 30 minutes walking around and picking up all the vegetables and cheese and any other topping you both want on your pizza. If you can?t agree, make 2 separate halves and pick your own toppings.

Now it?s back to your place. Wash the produce, grate the cheese and make the pizza. Don?t forget to keep it fun and it will be one of the most memorable dates she ever had. Eat the pizza and watch a romantic comedy and the rest should take care of itself.

1. Picture Day ($0 - $10)

This is my favorite date when I am broke and I have pulled it off many times. All it requires is a camera, preferably digital, and some good location ideas.

The setup for this date is straightforward: tell her that your bachelor pad is very pimp but it needs some character. So you would like her (because she has amazing taste) to escort you around town and take some black and white pictures of the city, parks and anything else you can think of.

The clothing for this date will be defined as dress to impress, but still casual: nice jeans, a button up shirt and some running shoes. Not too much, but not too little.

The date itself is very simple - you walk around town and take pictures of pretty much everything you see. The buildings, the parked cars, the trees and most importantly make sure you take a few with her in it. Maybe even ask a passer by to take a photo of both of you together. There will be a lot of conversation and lots of very good opportunities to get to really know each other. The reason this date works so well is because you respect her opinion and asked her to help you find cool spots for photos. Then by the end of the date you really get a feel for each other. It's very cheap - you might have to spring for a drink for a beverage for the two of you, but that?s all.

No matter which date you choose you are going to have a lot of fun and really get to know each other. Most importantly, you?ll spend hardly any money and she won?t even know how broke you are.

Do you have any great cheap date ideas? Share them in the comments.

photo credits top to bottom: kozumel, makelessnoise, Toni_V, Gio JL, Naixn.

And where would 2 and 1 be?

And where would 2 and 1 be?

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Great article! Loads of

Great article! Loads of fantastic ideas for when you're broke and need to impress; would never have thought of the 'Picture Day' suggestion!

Another good idea for an inexpensive date is attending a street festival. They're vibrant, full of activity and there's no entry-fee. Also, you're surrounded by plenty of live music and lots of cheap food vendors are available for when you both get hungry.

Street festival is a good

Street festival is a good idea! There's lot of things to keep you occupied while you get to know each other. Now that the weather's warming up, there will be plenty of opportunities to explore the fairs.

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No! Don't do these! The

No! Don't do these! The girl will tell everyone she knows and you will get a reputation as a cheapskate that you will be trying to shake off for decades. You are better off staying out of the dating scene until you get your finances in order.

You will definitely weed out

You will definitely weed out gold diggers.



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