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Tiger Woods Lives in an OBSCENE House


We all know that as the world's top golfer Tiger Woods makes gobs and gobs of money. But did you realize just how pimped out his house is? Here are photos of just one of Tiger Woods' homes. This one is located in Hawaii. I want a tour of the rest!

While I might not personally agree with his design taste, Tiger Woods is a man who knows how to live large. This house puts just about anything on MTV Cribs to shame.

Update: it appears that this is a rental house in Hawaii that Woods may have stayed in, but does not own. Regardless, it's pretty spectacular.






For more photos, check out Uncoached.

While I'm sure Tiger does in

While I'm sure Tiger does in fact live in an awesome house, he doesn't live in this one. Tiger lives in Orlando. That house is a rental property in Maui. Maybe he stayed there, though there is no proof of that, but he doesn't own it.

Thanks for the info! Post

Thanks for the info! Post has been updated.

And even if he does/did

And even if he does/did live/stay here.... GOOD FOR HIM! Success is superb no matter who you are. I'm happy for the guy. His hard work and dedication is paying off. He deserves to have whatever he wants and can afford to buy!

If people don't like sports figures making "obscene" money .... then STOP PAYING OBSCENE prices to get into the games!!!!!!!!!

Cheers to Tiger for his successful career,


Disgusting and truly obscene.

Disgusting and truly obscene. The rich take so much while so many live in abject poverty. Shame on Tiger Woods and shame on all of us for allowing this obscenity to continue.

Support a $250,000 MAXIMUM wage. Let's fight world poverty by hammering the rich and helping the poor.

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