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This Is Why Fat People Should Pay Double on Airlines


Nothing is worse than being stuck in economy class next to a fat guy. But something tells me you have never sat next to this behemoth, who seems to have only managed to get his right ass cheek into his assigned seat.

The photo was reportedly taken by a flight attendant on an American Airlines flight to show her managers the problem about supersized passengers who can't fit into the seats. It's not clear whether the plane took off with thus dude spilling out of his chair.

Some airlines have a policy that requires passengers to buy an additional seat if they can't fit into a seat and lower the armrests. Unfortunately for the poor guy sitting next to tubby here, American Airlines does not have such a policy. Sounds like it's about time they did.

photo via Flightglobal.

This is nearly impossible to

This is nearly impossible to implement and enforce civilly. You could have a 260 pound built guy who squeezes into his seat, and a 240 pound fat b!tch who spills over two easily. So, how do you figure out how many seats a person buys without seeing them first? And then what do you have people do, check into the airport early, pack themselves into a unit to check their size like those used to check carry-on luggage, then get shuffled off to the "fat line" when they fail the test? Lawsuit city, not to mention shitty treatment of your customer.

Bah.. look at him... he's

Bah.. look at him... he's sitting ON the arm wrest to give the guy on his right room! Sure a bit annoying but the big guy is respecting the space and shifting to the left.

Here's a simple solution.

Here's a simple solution. There is always a fat guy on the plane who spills over into the other seat. Every plane should have at least two FAT seats, just like a handicapped parking spot and the two fatest people over 275 pounds on the flight ride in those seats. No fatties on the flight? then it is auctioned of to highest bidder or first person to pay an extra $40 dollars for the seat. Or the fat seats could be at the rear of the plane next to the toilet. No one ever wants to sit there.

The airline should make

The airline should make accomodations for large sized people. They do not (cannot) charge handicapped folks for extra accomodations, they shoud not charge these folks extra either, there should be special seating for them.

That's a great idea.

That's a great idea. Regardless of whether the airline charges extra or not for the seats, just making sure they are available would help solve at least part of the problem. Of course, that means the airlines would lose revenue on those two seats, which they are going to fight against tooth and nail.

[...] Fat People Should Pay

[...] Fat People Should Pay for 2 Airline Seats (Just A Guy Thing) [...]

Surely the large guy has a

Surely the large guy has a responsibility to inform the airline that he won't be able to fit into a single seat? He can't be that ignorant, can he?

Umm they do have "fat seats"

Umm they do have "fat seats" there called first class and they do cost extra! Hello! And wait you think an already struggling airline should remove 2 seat and replace them with ONE for "fat seats" with a $40 charge..... SO in a day they will be loosing out on hundrends of thousands of dollars! All so fat people will be comfortable i think thats ridiculous! Also being fat is not a handicap, for most people. Do most fat people get a handicap sticker..... no they dont because there is something they can do about it! Just like Southwest does, they charge extra if your too big! They ask you at the ticket counter if you will be needing two seats. Come on dont be hurt by the fact that someone else notices your fat, because chances are good that if your that fat your not blind and can see that only one of your ass cheeks are going to fit in that seat! And if they find once you get on the plane you do in fact need two seats they will do there best to accommodate you on that flight or the next one. Then they let you know from now till your not the same size anymore you will be needing two seats! Its not fair for the rest of the passengers comfort that you get to spill into my $450 seat and not have to pay extra! There are way more points to this story than i even have time or patience to type!

[...] Then there is the

[...] Then there is the unholy back boob. Yes, we’re talking about chicks (and guys!) who are so fat they have boobs coming out the [...]

um maybe the guy sitting next

um maybe the guy sitting next to him knows the fat guy personally, brother or otherwise? Just saying that we the readers don't know the entire situation and until we do can't pass fair judgment on our gravitationally challenged friend here.

Nobody has mentioned the

Nobody has mentioned the obvious safety issues with this. Not only are the people in this guy's row trapped if something happens, everyone that needs to get by in the isle is out of luck too, including the flight attendants. People like this should either lose some weight to fit into the seats before they fly or buy 2 (or in this case 3) seats right from the start. There are costs associated with your behavior, and this would be one of them.

This article and picture has

This article and picture has been staged to simply beat up on fat people more than we already do. The fat guy in the picture is seated on the arm rest talking to his friend on the right. His actual seats are the two empty seats directly behind him. He is merely sitting temporarily on the arm rest to more easily conduct a conversation with his friend.

I guess the individual who took the picture and the individual who wrote the article couldn’t find enough legitimate fat prejudice to spew so they made some up for fun. I find this kind of behavior appalling and some of the most difficult to understand. If you are so childish that you feel the need to humiliate total strangers by blatantly fabricating and misleading other people then simply understand that you really aren’t welcome in civil society.

@STFU This was not staged,

@STFU This was not staged, it's stupid to think someone decided to fake this to "beat up" on fat people. Even if so, he's that way because of his decisions in life. I'm so tired of "Its a medical issue" and "it runs in the family. 99% of the time it total bullshit, they're just to god damn lazy to work out. Even if it is then there are ways to get around that so get off you lazy ass and exercise and eat right. It really isn't that hard.

Just for argument's sake, is

Just for argument's sake, is it fair that a person who weighs 175 pounds and checks a 100 pound bag will have to pay a very high fee above the cost of their ticket, while someone who weighs 275 pounds and carries nothing onto the plane pays nothing above the ticket price? Not saying that the airlines should do something about it, but it's definitely something interesting to think about.

The people who use the 'you

The people who use the 'you can't charge handicapped people extra" argument must realize that obesity, while it may be considered an epidemic, cannot be put in the same context as being handicapped.

Obesity is, by and large, self induced. Paralysis which causes a person to be wheelchair bound is irreversible, whereas obsesity certainly is reversible! A person who makes poor lifestyle choices and, because of this, effects my holiday plans because they have to use two seats should pay double.

Stop handing obese people the sympathy card and make them accountable for thier choices. We are all subjected to the same temptations, but some of us live by the "everything in moderation" credo.

If you look and study the

If you look and study the picture, the guy looks over 6 1/2 feet tall. He's just a big dude. Sure, he could lose the weight, but my money says he's always gonna be big. Sometimes people are just big.

I am sitting here shaking my

I am sitting here shaking my head after reading some of these comments. First, while I don't think the picture was necessarily staged, I do think STFU was correct in his assessment of the picture--the big guy is just sitting talking to his friend and the 2 empty seats behind him are his actual seats. I fly a lot and there is no way that even American Airlines would allow someone to extend that far into the aisle for an entire flight. I have actually done the same thing....sat on the arm rest while talking to a friend and half my ass is in the aisle. I have seen thin people do the same thing. We all move when someone needs to get down the aisle. Everyone here that is blasting fat people needs to get a life. Making general judgments that ALL fat people are lazy, always make bad choices, don't know the meaning of moderation, and don't have genetic or medical reasons for their weight issue are simply as ignorant as they sound. SOME fat people are lazy. So are lots of thin people--only about 2% of my thin friends workout. SOME fat people do make bad choices. So do most thin people--only about 2% of my thin friends actually watch what they eat (the same 2% that exercise! Actually, my thin friends generally eat a lot more than my fat friends and these thin friends are the ones that don't exercise). SOME fat people do have genetic and medical reasons for being fat. One of them was diagnosed with Cushing's syndrome and ballooned up from the medication. My thin friends have those same genetic reasons for being thin. So before you start making judgments based on someone's weight, consider if you would want someone making judgments on you for your intolerance and ignorance. If you have never had a weight issue, don't be so quick to label others as lazy and bad choice-makers. You never know what can happen in your life that may cause you to gain weight--illness, old age, injury. Karma isn't always good.

Fat people should not be

Fat people should not be accomodated! I am sorry, but when you are mortally obeese you should take action, not just make everyone adjust to fit your size of life! You have a responsibility for yourself, as well as the government has a responsibility for its people. I read they were removing the sidewalks in new suburbs because they're not being used - equally stupid! If we make it a fat persons world the world will soon be filled with fat people only!

This is just pointless how

This is just pointless how hard is it 2 make fat seat
I mean makinq biq people feel like their worth nothinq. I mean they shouldn't be qettinq charqed think about it like this imaqine if that's 1 of ur loved ones and someon's kallinq them really fat and they needa buy a fat seat u wouldn't like that now would u?! Just make a couple of biq seats for them in need. Period. And its a bad way of treatinq ur customers. Really bad.

I want to know why he is so

I want to know why he is so high up above the rest of the passengers. Are his cheeks nestled on the arm rest?

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