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The Toilet Paper Article of the Week: Sweet Soul Sister


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We hold three truths to be self-evident at The Toilet Paper offices: 1) people that walk without swinging their arms are weirdos, 2) Bloody Marys without celery are an abomination, and 3) Pam Grier was—without a doubt—the hottest actress to ever step onto a film set in the 1970s.

No one could fill a dress and empty a gun like Pam in her early action classics. When she wasn’t "kicking jive turkey ass" and "sticking it to the man," she was generously revealing her mind-blowing physical gifts and getting stuck by her man. A sexy, self-confident woman with a "No BS" attitude, Pam was a source of empowerment for black women and feminists. A caramel dipped goddess with a happy trigger finger, she was a fantasy for any man with a pulse.


70 - Number episodes Pam played "Kit Porter" on the Showtime series "The L Word" from 2004-2009.

One would think a show called "The L Word" would be about lesbians, but apparently it’s just about female slackers in landscaping. Gals who don’t do dick, but enjoy mowing lawns.


"I can't talk about myself. I just can't. I know I've influenced people, and I'm proud of that. But as I see it, I really haven't done anything. I haven't saved anybody from a burning building."

Pam Grier

Nonsense, Pam! You’ve helped young men strengthen their forearms for the past 30 years.



noun. 1. A commercial-minded film genre in the 1970s geared towards black audiences.

Some groups like the NAACP found the films to be stereotypical, but many others in Hollywood including Pam, felt they were finally giving a voice to those that weren’t being heard.


Pam is the only black star from the Blaxploitation era who receives a royalty each time one of her films is rented. Good for Pam. Bad for Fred Williamson.

The List

Queue Em Up Now

Coffy (1973) - “The baddest one-chick hit-squad that ever hit town!”
Foxy Brown (1974) - “A chick with drive who don't take no jive!”
Sheba Baby (1975) - “Hotter n’ “Coffy” meaner n’ “Foxy Brown”
Friday Foster (1975) - “Her name is Friday, but you can dig her any day of the week.”

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