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The New Boeing Dreamliner Could Make Flying Bearable


I don't know about you, but I hate flying. Hate it. But I might just change my tune if I get a chance to board the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane. Boeing revealed the Dreamliner a few weeks ago and it's slated to go into commercial use by the end of 2010.

Unlike the jarring environment of most airplanes, the Dreamliner is designed to promote a soothing experience by using three stage LED lighting in the cabin.


Instead of tiny portholes, the Dreamliner users the largest windows available on any commercial aircraft, giving you a better view of the horizon. The windows even feature "smart glass" which can be dimmed at the flip of a switch.


Now if they could just add an extra 12 inches of legroom I might just be happy on my next flight.

[via PSFK]

[...] The New Boeing

[...] The New Boeing Dreamliner Could Make Flying Bearable | Just A Guy ... [...]

Looks like a great plane, I

Looks like a great plane, I wonder how many will be going into actual use, and how long it takes to put one of those things into the black.

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