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'The Hills' Heidi Montag Gets Dirty for Playboy


If you've never watched The Hills on MTV, you're probably a guy. But you might start watching the reality show after getting an eyeful of star Heidi Montag in the September issue of Playboy. In addition to some very hot photos (see below), Heidi is interviewed by her husband and fellow Hills cast member Spencer Pratt and comes up with some pretty outrageous stuff.


Turns out the couple have quite the steamy sex life. ?I was never very sexual before I met Spencer?Before [Spencer], sex was just something that happened. Now it?s something I look forward to every minute of the day," Heidi says in the interview. "I feel as if I?m just beginning to know my body with [Spencer]. [He?s] waking me up to what?s possible, and it makes me want to try every new thing, doing it all kinds of ways ? indoors, outdoors, upside down.? Okay then.


Since The Hills follows Spencer's and Heidi's every move, the couple have embraced the utter lack of privacy. The reality show diva even gives out her supposed phone number (323-767-8139, in case you're interested).

photos courtesy of Playboy

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