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The "Get Naked" Bikini Dissolves in Water

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This might be the gag gift to end all gag gifts. Of course, it could get you punched in the face, but that's a danger worth taking with this one. We present to you the most awesome "Get Naked Bikini". This is no ordinary swimsuit.

Whereas most swimsuits are water resistant, this one is water soluble. For all you slackers who failed chemistry, that means it dissolves in water. The Get Naked Bikini looks like a normal two-piece, but it falls apart and disappears within three minutes after contact with water. D'oh!

Yes, the possibilities of this gift make the mind real. The aptly named Revengeshop carries the Get Naked Bikini.

[via Top Cultured]

[...] The tool for the best

[...] The tool for the best prank of all time (Here) [...]

3 girls test the dissolvable

3 girls test the dissolvable bikini in a swimming pool (lsfw)

[...] [via Top Cultured :

[...] [via Top Cultured : JustAGuyThing] [...]

If you want to see this in

If you want to see this in action,

[...] The “Get Naked” Bikini

[...] The “Get Naked” Bikini Dissolves in Water [...]

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