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The Best Dirty Comics


What's better than a brilliantly illustrated comic book by a great artist? A brilliantly illustrated dirty comic book by a great artist.

The folks over at Comics Alliance have come up with a handy list of highly respected comic artists who have turned their attention to the erotic genre. The list ranges from sexy to funny to just plain weird. I won't give away the whole list, but here a few highlights.


How about Lois Lane in a maid's uniform whipping Superman? Back in the day Superman co-creator Joe Shuster created "Secret Identity" which is remarkable for not only its overt BDSM themes, but for the fact that everyone looks like Superman and Lois Lane. Makes the mind reel.


Dan DeCarlo, a key artist for the "Archie" comics, also did work for mens magazines that is quite a bit more grown up than that. Finally you can see your Veronica fantasies come true on the page.


And, of course, there is the incomparable R. Crumb, a leader of the underground comix movement of the '60s. Crumb delved into his deepest sexual fantasies and didn't hold back. A collection called "R. Crumb's Sex Fantasies" contains his erotic material.

For the complete list, check out Comics Alliance.

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