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Do You Use One Of The 25 Worst Computer Passwords?

You really can't be blamed for having an easy-to-crack password. All those holier-than-thou internet security specialists suggest that you have many different passwords, which, let's face it, isn't going to happen. When it comes to Facebook, email, online pizza delivery, banking, publishing sites, Twitter, shopping sites, and about a million different other things, you can't be expected to be completely diverse. In fact, if you're like me, you solve 90% of your password problems by using a word, then a word with some numbers on the end of it. Boom. Done. 

608 securepasswordgeneratortips08.jpg

Well, it's either that or have 400 different passwords all created with some random number generator that you'll never know. 

Soooooo...If you are going to be lazy about things and use the same password over and over and over, don't use any derivation of these 25 "worst passwords." By "worst," it's meant that these passwords are the 25 most hacked, which means they're the easiest to guess. So stay away from them. Cause one day you'll get hacked. And you'll feel stupid. 


1. password

2. 123456


3. 12345678


4. qwerty


5. abc123


6. monkey


7. 1234567


8. letmein


9. trustno1


10. dragon


11. baseball


12. 111111


13. iloveyou


14. master


15. sunshine


16. ashley


17. bailey


18. passw0rd


19. shadow


20. 123123


21. 654321


22. superman


23. qazwsx


24. michael


25. football

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